Pokemon BDSP Destiny Knot: How To Get The Destiny Knot

Pokemon BDSP Destiny Knot: How To Get The Destiny Knot
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30th Nov 2021 16:28

The Pokemon BDSP Destiny Knot is a peculiar item, but it's one that can be indispensable to success in very specific battles. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has a wealth of great items you can attribute to your beasties to help them turn the tide in a battle, and few have effects quite like the Destiny Knot. But,many have had trouble finding the Pokemon BDSP item, and have been admiring it from afar - so how exactly do you bag it? Here's our guide to finding the Pokemon BDSP Destiny Knot along with exactly what it does.

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Pokemon BDSP Destiny Knot: What Is It?

The Destiny Knot is an item with a couple of uses - the first of which making it a little easier on your Pokemon in battle. The knot makes it so your Pokemon, when made infatuated by a foe, the same effect takes over that same foe. So, if your enemy tries to make your Pokemon fall in love with theirs, the Knot makes the feeling mutual. Cute.

But, it has a different use outside of battle - if a Pokemon holds it when breeding, it means that its child will inherit five of its possible 12 IVs, leading to some very powerful Pokemon.

Pokemon BDSP Destiny Knot: How To Get The Destiny Knot

Pokemon BDSP Destiny Knot Guide - Where To Find The Destiny Knot
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In order to find the BDSP Destiny Knot, you're going to want to head to Route 224. You can get there by heading through Victory Road.

Once you're out the other side, you'll see that the route is pretty vertical. On your way through, you'll see a square patch of land with a purple-haired trainer in the centre of it. Off to the right-hand side, you'll see an item Pokeball, and inside, you'll find the Destiny Knot.

It's as easy as that! Once you've got the knot, you'll be set to breed some immensely tough Pokemon, and take on your mates in a punishing fashion. Not caught a Drifloon yet? Find out how with our Pokemon BDSP Drifloon guide.


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