Pokemon BDSP Waterfall: Where To Find TM99

Pokemon BDSP Waterfall: Where To Find TM99
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29th Nov 2021 16:35

Pokemon BDSP Waterfall is the very last TM you'll collect in the game, but it's the one you'll need the most. It's what you're going to need to get to the Pokemon BDSP Elite Four, to beat the game and take the title of Pokemon Master all for yourself. However, the TM is one of the toughest to find in the new Pokemon remakes if you don't know where to look, and it's one of the most crucial the games have to offer- so where can you bag it? Here's our guide to finding Pokemon BDSP Waterfall, also known as TM99.

Pokemon BDSP Waterfall Location

First thing's first, you're going to need to beat the eighth gym leader, Sunnyshore City's Volkner. Once you've laid waste to his electric-type Pokemon, you'll be offered the ability to use Waterfall in the wild, allowing you to scale the walls of water on your adventure - which is exactly what you're going to need to reach the Elite Four and leader Cynthia.

Once you've got the Beacon Badge, head north from the city's Pokemon Center until you get to the beach - you'll need to head that way to progress anyway, so you shouldn't have much trouble getting there.

When you're there, have a chat with the girl stood there. Her name is Jasmine, and she'll just hand you the TM. With it, you'll be able to scale the waterfall that keeps you from getting through Victory Road. That was easy.

Pokemon BDSP Waterfall - Where To Find TM 99
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The steps are pretty easy if you know what you're doing - but until you do, it's hard to know exactly what to do in order to bag the TM. At least you won't have to go on a whole new adventure in order to get to the Elite Four's doorstep.

Now you know where to find Waterfall, why not read up on where to find the Pokemon BDSP move relearner?


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