What Is The Canon Persona 4 Golden Protagonist Name?

What Is The Canon Persona 4 Golden Protagonist Name?
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20th Jan 2023 15:27

Persona 4 Golden has been introduced to a wider player base with new ports on modern consoles. With that, more fans old and new have been wondering what the actual name of its silent protagonist is. Let's get into the canon Persona 4 Golden protagonist name. 

What is the Canon Persona 4 Golden Protagonist Name?

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In the opening credits of Persona 4 Golden before reaching the main menu, the protagonist is merely introduced as "Hero" - reflecting the fact that you can name your silent protagonist whatever you want to put yourself as the hero in the story. 

The canon Persona 4 Golden protagonist name is Yu Narukami. This became the official canon name following the release of the anime adaptation, Persona 4: The Animation - along with Persona 4 Arena, a fighting game that also acts as a sequel to Persona 4

What’s more, the protagonist’s true name as Yu Narukami was further cemented in an interview with Katsuara Hashino and Seiji Kishi, the respective directors of Persona 4 and Persona 4: The Animation - to celebrate the release of the latter’s release on Blu-ray and DVD. Both Hashino and Kishi answered using the Yu Narukami name, additionally confirming this was the canon name for the protagonist thereon. 

Whilst other Persona 4 Golden fans might refer to the protagonist as Souji Seta or Asakawa Hayato, these are for non-canon adaptions of the character and the Persona 4 story. Souji Seta was the alternative name used for the Persona 4 manga. Meanwhile, Asakawa Hayato was the name used for the Persona 4 stage play. 

So, the official canon name for the Persona 4 Golden protagonist is Yu Narukami. 

That's all you need to know about the official canon Persona 4 Golden protagonist name. For more help on Persona 4 Golden, here are the answers to the Funky Student riddle quest, "Who's the Riddle Master!?". Alternatively, here is the full list of Persona 4 Golden trophies and achievements.

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