Persona 4 Golden True Ending: How To Get

Persona 4 Golden True Ending: How To Get
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An in-depth JRPG that can take beyond 100 hours to complete, Persona 4 Golden comes with varied multiple endings. Some are failed endings, where you merely missed the deadline to save a victim - so you're then taken back in time to a checkpoint in Persona 4 Golden. Others are simply good, in the middle, or downright bad. With many options, getting the true ending can be difficult. Here is how to get the Persona 4 Golden true ending. 

If this is your first time playing Persona 4 Golden, please be wary of major endgame spoilers ahead.

Persona 4 Golden True Ending: How To Get

To avoid confusion, it's best to first note that are five main endings to Persona 4 Golden: Normal, Bad, Accomplice, True, and Golden. To clarify, the Golden ending is what's deemed as the true ending to Persona 4 Golden, whilst the titled "True ending" is that of the regular Persona 4 released on the PS2 in 2008.  

The Persona 4 Golden true ending combines that of the regular PS2 Persona 4 with the additional content in 2012's Persona 4 Golden - centring around added character, Marie, and the hidden story content that comes with her. 

To get the Persona 4 Golden true ending, you need to achieve the following.

Complete Marie's Social Link

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You need to complete Marie's Social Link before 31 December. You'll be able to start this early in the game, so you have plenty of time. However, you'll have other Social Links and tasks to manage if you're a completionist. So, it's best to get a head start. 

Do Not Throw Namatame In The TV 

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The rest of what determines whether you unlocked the Persona 4 Golden true ending centres around the decisions made from 3 December, determining whether Taro Namatame is the culprit behind the murders.

You'll be faced with the option to throw Namatame on the TV after Nanako's kidnapping, which would have him killed in the other world. Of course, Namatame is actually not the culprit. So, when Yosuke asks you "what do you want to do...Leader?", you need to choose the following order of dialogue options: 

  1. Wait a second here...
  2. We're missing something.
  3. Namatame's true feelings.
  4. Something's bothering me.
  5. We're missing something...
  6. Calm the hell down!

Afterward, you and the rest of the Investigation Team won't throw Namatame into the TV world. Then, the group will find out Nanako is on her way to recovery, securing that she'll live. 

Reveal the True Culprit

persona 4 golden true ending how to get true culprit
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on 5 December, you'll be reviewing what you know whilst standing with Yosuke and Naoko, noticing that something must have been overlooked. You'll then get the option to pick someone else as the culprit. 

When prompted with "the person who seems to be the most likely culprit is...", the true culprit you must pick is "Tohru Adachi". 

Tell Your Friends About Adachi

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In Persona 4 Golden, the added Jester Arcana with Adachi can unlock the Accomplice ending if at Rank 8. So, you can actually choose to protect Adachi and become his accomplice. 

When prompted with "should you tell your friends about your suspicions about Adachi being the culprit?", you must select "tell your friends about Adachi". Then, you and the rest of the Investigation Team will be on the path towards confronting Adachi, his boss fighting and unlocking the remainder of the Persona 4 Golden true ending until 20 March. 

Do Not Go Home on 20 March

persona 4 golden true ending how to get izanami
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On 20 March, you'll have the chance to leave Inaba after you've said goodbye to the friends you've maxed out Social Links with. Refuse to do this. Then, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Junes
  2. Go to the elevator and select to go the Investigation Team's meeting spot.
  3. When urged to go home, select dialogue options "no", "I'm not finished yet, "yes", and then "there's something missing". 

After talking with the rest of the Investigation Team, you'll start your way towards the true villain you put Adachi on his path of a killer. Next, go to the following locations in order: 

  1. The Velvet Room
  2. The Riverbank - talk to Nanako and Dojima
  3. The Shopping District gas station that you visited at the start of the game - talk to the attendant.

After the true villain Izanami reveals themselves, go through the final dungeon, Yomotsu Hirasaka. As long as you completed the Marie confidant beforehand, defeating Izanami will soon follow with the Persona 4 Golden true ending. 

That's everything on how to get the Persona 4 Golden true ending. If you're trying to complete all the quests, find out the answers to the first Persona 4 Golden riddle, "Quest 01: Who's the Riddle Master!?". Now Persona 4 Golden is on Xbox Game Pass, take a look at what else has come to Game Pass in January 2023. 

For even more Persona 4 Golden guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon. 

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