How to solve the Ancient Battery riddle in Palia

How to solve the Ancient Battery riddle in Palia
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You'll need to know how to solve the Ancient Battery riddle in Palia if you wish to progress further in the main story and uncover more secrets about the past human inhabitants of Palia.

During your playthrough, you'll encounter the Ancient Battery, which will lead you to a secret temple of ruins and riddles.

If you're struggling to find the solution to one such riddle, we have the riddle solution for you and a step-by-step of what you need to do to complete the Ancient Battery quest in the game.

How do you solve the Ancient Battery riddle?

During your playthrough of Palia, you'll encounter the Ancient Battery fairly early. After mining your first rock at your homestead, you'll discover an artefact. After taking the strange artefact to Jina and waiting a few in-game days, you'll receive the Ancient Battery in your mailbox with instructions to travel with it to Pheonix Falls.

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To complete the Anicent Battery quest in Palia, and get past the Ancient Battery riddle, follow these steps:

  • Travel to Phoenix Falls, the place where you first spawned in Palia and met Jina (located north on the map)
  • Walk across the bridge and follow the passage round to the left until you see a golden door
  • Interact with the Broken Door and enter The Ruins
  • Once inside, you'll notice an empty bowl in the centre of the room and an inscription on the far door with a riddle etched into it
  • There is also a journal to the right of the door with a clue that reveals the temple's name as The Temple of the Waves

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  • The solution is to pour water into the empty bowl with your watering can
  • Then, explore the revealed area and speak with Jina. She will tell you that you'll need a Glider to progress further into the ruins
  • To get a Glider, you must speak with Najuma in Bahari Bay (far east on the Kilima map)

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