How to complete Muddy Waters in MW2 DMZ

How to complete Muddy Waters in MW2 DMZ
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Tarran Stockton


7th Mar 2023 17:11

You may want to know how to complete Muddy Waters in MW2 DMZ, as it's one of the hardest faction missions in the game, requiring you to locate three key pieces of intel in specific locations. 

The second season of Modern Warfare 2 has seen new content for the MW2 DMZ mode, which has proven to be a success since the game's release. This means there are plenty of new contracts to undertake for XP and other rewards. 

So, take a look at our breakdown of how to complete Muddy Waters in MW2 DMZ

How to complete Muddy Waters in MW2 DMZ

How to complete Muddy Waters in MW2 DMZ
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Muddy Waters is a tier one faction mission for the Legion faction, which tasks players with finding and extracting three pieces of intel on Ashika Island: a Shadow Company USB Stick, Ashika Island Intel, and Crown Intel.

The reward for this mission is fairly immense, giving you a tonne of XP and a blueprint for the X12, and this is because it can be hard to locate the intel pieces. Luckily, you don't need to collect all three during one deployment, so we recommend taking it one at a time.

Below we will cover the location for each piece of intel.

Shadow Company USB Stick

MW2 DMZ muddy waters shadow company
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The first piece of intel is located in a submerged section of the Beach Club Observatory deck, which is in the south of the island, below the Beach Club POI. 

To get the Shadow Company USB Stick, dive into the waters and swim through one of the open windows, where you can find the intel in a toolbox opposite the staircase.

Ashika Island Intel

MW2 DMZ muddy waters ashika island
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For the second piece of intel, you will need to scour the underground section of the map. We recommend entering the Waterways in Port Ashika (the exact entrance is marked above), and navigating the tunnels until you find a container by the Waterways Dead Drop, which is located under Tsuki Castle. 

You will find the Ashika Island Intel directly inside the container, next to a lamp.

Crown Intel

MW2 DMZ muddy waters crown
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The final piece of intel requires you to visit the Ashika Power Plant, a Stronghold which located northwest of Tsuki Castle. Entering this requires you to collect a Stronghold Keycard from an AI enemy first. 

Once inside the Ashika Power Plant, make your way to the top floor, and you will find the Crown Intel underneath a large desk situated near some Supply Caches. 

After you exfiltrate with the final piece of intel, you will have completed the mission and you will receive your rewards. 

That's all for our breakdown of how to complete Muddy Waters in MW2 DMZ, and now you know how to complete the mission by locating three pieces of intel.

We also cover how to get the Damascus Dog Tag in MW2 DMZ, which is a pricey item you can earn after enough successful exfiltrations. 

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