Will Marvel's Spider-Man 2 be released on PC, PS4 or Xbox?

Will Marvel's Spider-Man 2 be released on PC, PS4 or Xbox?
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3rd Aug 2023 14:23


Many fans of Spider-Man will be wondering if Spider-Man 2 will be coming to PS4 and PC like the original did, setting new ground by coming to Xbox or if this is a PS5 exclusive. It has been three years since we last checked in with Insomniac’s interpretation of this world, and five years since we got to hang out with Peter Parker.

The most recent game in this series followed Miles Morales, whilst Peter Parker was away, as he figured out what kind of Spider-Man he is - the game was also a PS5 launch title. Spider-Man 2, which releases later this year, will be a continuation of both their stories as they go head to head with Kraven and Venom.

Spider-Man 2 is no doubt one of the most exciting releases of the year, so let’s take a look at what platforms the game will be swinging onto soon.

Will Spider-Man 2 be released on PS4?

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Unfortunately, Spider-Man 2 will not be released on the PS4 - it will be a next-gen exclusive. This is something we will have to get used to as we get deeper into this generation of consoles.

It continues the trend of Insomniac games only being released on the next generation, this will be their third game since the release of the PS5 that wasn’t available on the PS4.

Will Spider-Man 2 be released on PC?

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Whether or not Spider-Man 2 is coming to PS4 is pretty cut and dry, but PC is a little more complex. So far, it has not been announced to be coming to PC, however, the last three PlayStation exclusives Insomniac have made eventually arrived on PC.

So although we can’t say for certain if Spider-Man 2 will release on PC, it looks incredibly likely it will, it will just be a few years down the line.

Will Spider-Man 2 be released on Xbox?

Peter Parker and Miles Morales in Spider-Man 2
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Spider-Man 2 will not be released on any Xbox consoles as it is a PlayStation exclusive. Insomniac Games are part of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) after SIE acquired them in 2019.

That is all there is to know about where we can play Spider-Man 2 when it releases later this year.

If you can’t wait to get back to the streets of New York, then be sure to take a look at our Spider-Man 2 homepage. For everything else, keep reading GGRecon.

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