Lost Ark Level Cap: What Is The Max Level In Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Level Cap: What Is The Max Level In Lost Ark?
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The Lost Ark level cap can be a bit confusing for players, as the game has a number of things that can be levelled, such as combat levels, roster levels, and equipped item levels. The max level cap for Lost Ark has also changed somewhat since the beta launched for the western version, so what is the current max? Read on as we cover the current Lost Ark level cap, along with roughly how long it takes to get there. 

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Lost Ark Level Cap: What Is The Highest Level?

Lost Ark Level Cap in-game
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A patch during the pre-launch period of the game - released on February 7 - changed the level cap in Lost Ark to 60. Previously, the closed beta saw it max out at 55, and to accommodate for the extra levels and increased experience, you will earn additional skill points for each level past 50. 

Along with this, the developers increased the level cap for Roster levels, which was previously called your Expedition level. This is a cross-server progression system that is separate from your individual character's levels, but it does give extra stats to your characters too. Previously, this was only 100 in the closed beta, but the developers also expanded on this by capping it at 250. 


Lost Ark Level Cap: How Long Does It Take To Reach?

Lost Ark Level Cap character selection
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Reaching the max level will depend on your overall skill and understanding of MMO levelling, along with how fast you can complete the objectives put in front of you, but it's still relatively quicker than most in the genre. Reaching the level cap is completely possible from just 15 hours of play, though it's likelier to take you 30 or more hours. 

Finishing the main quest also gives you something called a Lost Ark Powerpass, which you can use to instantly level up a separate character to the max rank. This lets you have two end-game characters for roughly the time it takes to reach the level cap with just one. 

That's our guide on the Lost Ark level cap, and now you know the max level for both character and Roster levels, along with a rough sense of the time it will take to achieve the coveted max level of 60.

We also have a breakdown on the Lost Ark Controller Support, for those who don't enjoy using mouse and keyboard.



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