Lost Ark Character Slots: How Many Characters Can You Make?

Lost Ark Character Slots: How Many Characters Can You Make?
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16th Mar 2022 13:07

You may want to know how many Lost Ark character slots you can access, as having multiple characters to utilise is very important to funnelling gear towards your main. Lost Ark has many methods to bring multiple characters up to a high level quickly, along with benefits that can apply to your whole roster of characters. So, to learn how many Lost Ark character slots there are, and how to increase them, read on. 

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Lost Ark Character Slots: How Many Character Slots Are There?

Lost Ark Character Slots
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By default, there are only six Lost Ark character slots that players can populate with their chosen classes, but you do have the option to increase this. Once you have used all the free slots, then you will have to pay for each character slot incrementally by purchasing a character slot extension ticket. These cost 900 Royal Crystals, which roughly equates to £7 ($9) in real money. 

Due to the 15 subclasses that are available to players for specialising their characters, if you want to experience all of these, then it's essential to increase your character slots. There are packs of Royal Crystals in the game shop if you want to buy more in bulk, and players who purchased the Silver Founder's Pack and above will have access to at least 1000. 


Something that is also worth knowing about character selection, is the main character mechanic. The first character you make will become your main character, and if you want to change this, you must know it can only be done once per day.

This is important as once you get to the end-game content and reach the Lost Ark level cap, there is a limit to the amount of resources that can be earned in a day, which is where your alternative characters come into play, as they don't have the same restrictions. Main characters cannot be deleted so that you always have at least one character associated with your account. 

That's all for the Lost Ark character slots, and now you know many there are by default, how to increase the number and the importance of doing so.

When creating characters, why not look at our Lost Ark tier list for classes.


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