How to repair weapons in the Lies of P demo

How to repair weapons in the Lies of P demo
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9th Jun 2023 13:23

In the Lies of P demo, you will be allowed to test out the mechanics of the game, before its release, including a choice of weapons. However, these weapons can degrade as you use them, so you’re going to need to prevent them from breaking.

Here, we’ll be going through everything you need about the starting weapons in the game and how you can repair them.

What are your starting weapons in the Lies of P demo?

After launching the Lies of P demo and waking up in a dilapidated train, you’re quickly thrust into the gothic city of Krat in search of your maker, Geppetto.

However, before you leave the train, you’ll be given the option to choose your class via a weapon that is best suited to it.

The weapons you can choose at the start of Lies of P are:

  • Puppet’s Blade
  • Wintry Rapier
  • Greatsword of Fate

Each weapon has a different attack style, with the Wintry Rapier a Stab Weapon and the Greatsword of Fate more of a Slash Weapon.

How to repair weapons in the Lies of P demo

The Grinder Item in Lies of P, used to repair your weapons
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To repair your weapons in Lies of P, you’re going to need to use the Grinder built into your left arm. Unlike most Souls titles that require you to visit a Blacksmith or a checkpoint to repair your weapons, with the Grinder, you can repair them on the move at any time.

As you fight off the hoards of puppets, dogs and bosses that have taken over the streets of Krat, you will notice a bar in the bottom right corner of your screen gradually emptying.

This is the durability of your weapon, and you must monitor it closely. While you can generally repair your weapons any time, even during boss fights and while moving, once the bar hits zero, the weapon, as of now, cannot be repaired.

Using the Grinder can take some time as it gradually sharpens your weapon back up to scratch, so balancing it during combat encounters will be essential, especially during some of the trickier boss fights.

That’s everything you need to know about repairing your weapons in Lies of P. If you’re looking for everything we know so far about the game, check out when Lies of P releases and more.

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