Is Cities Skylines 2 on Xbox Game Pass?

Is Cities Skylines 2 on Xbox Game Pass?
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7th Mar 2023 14:20

As with any popular game, most players will want to know if Cities Skylines 2 is on Xbox Game Pass, to save having to fork out for the game, which is the sequel to the popular city-building game released back in 2015. We'll cover all the game pass details within this guide.

The game was revealed during the Paradox Announcement Show 2023, where it was highlighted as the next step in city-building games, building upon and expanding the foundation of the first - so if you're looking to dive in and plan your own city, here's a rundown of whether or not it's available on the subscription service. 

Cities Skylines 2 Xbox Game Pass details

Yes, Cities Skylines 2 is on Xbox Game Pass for PC users, following Paradox and Xbox confirming that it would be available on day one following the October 24, 2023 launch date.

It's currently not available on console Game Pass, however, but we will update you with more on this as details are shared on when it's set to arrive.

Is Cities Skylines 2 on PlayStation Plus?

The game is also on the PlayStation 5, but it's not available on PlayStation Plus, and there's currently no word on whether it will be a part of the service in the future.

Considering games typically aren't available on both services at the same time, and Paradox and Microsoft have a good working relationship, it's unlikely PS users will be able to try without buying first anytime soon.

The first game is also currently part of the Game Pass service, so for those who've never tried Cities Skylines but are looking forward to the sequel, you have the chance to try it currently.

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