How To Get Master Seals In Fire Emblem Engage

How To Get Master Seals In Fire Emblem Engage

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30th Jan 2023 13:08

Master Seals are very important items in Fire Emblem Engage, so you’ll want to know how to get them. Fire Emblem Engage allows you to level up your units to stronger classes quite early on, and there are many benefits to doing so. Let’s find out how to get Master Seals and unlock these advanced classes.

Fire Emblem Engage: What Are Master Seals?

Master Seals are items that allow you to progress your units to advanced classes. They’re essential for improving your units, particularly those you recruit at the start of the game. 

They’re one-time use items that change your unit’s class to a stronger one. Typically, you’ll find them on strong enemies or in the shop.

You’ll definitely want to get your hands on them, as the advanced classes are a fun way to make your units stronger. For example, you can change an archer into a sniper, a sword fighter into a sword master, or a thief into a wolf knight. There are many possible upgrades and you’ll eventually need them when the missions start getting a lot harder.

Fire Emblem Engage: Where To Find Master Seals

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Master Seals can typically be found in two places. You’ll find them in various maps, usually on strong enemies like bosses. However, not all bosses carry Master Seals - the first boss that drops one is Hortensia in Chapter 7.

The other place to find them is the shop. You’ll unlock the ability to buy from a shop at the Somniel very early in the game for 2,500 gold.

At the shop, the merchant will start selling Master Seals as a limited option to prevent you from levelling up your whole team right away. As you progress, the shop will restock after various chapters, including Chapter 13 and 17. 

After Chapter 18, you’ll unlock Master Seals as a permanently available purchase. Until then, you’ll have to be careful with how many you use!

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