How Long Is The Last Of Us Part 2?

How Long Is The Last Of Us Part 2?

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5th Oct 2022 12:49

The Last of Us Part 2 was a heavy game in its 2019 release both in the weight of its story and the controversy that came with it. Nevertheless, many series fans old and new might be looking to head back into Ellie's dedicated adventure after completing the first game's recent remake, The Last of Us Part 1. Whether you're returning to the sequel for New Game Plus or are trying it for the first time here's your answer to "how long is The Last of Us 2?".

How Long is The Last of Us 2?

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If you're playing on the easiest of the difficulty settings; Very Light, Light, Moderate, Hard, Survivor, Grounded, and Custom; The Last of Us 2 can take you as little as 21 hours to beat if you only focus on progressing through the story with minimal time spent on gathering resources and collectables. On the normal difficulty level, Moderate, it will likely take you 25-26 hours.


Like the first game, The Last of Us Part 2 has a wide variety of collectables and resources to find; Artifacts, Journal Entries, Trading Cards, Coins, Safes, Training Manuals, Workbenches, Weapons, Supplements, Parts; which largely inflates your playthrough time to find them all. If you're a completionist who's after the Platinum trophy, you can expect to play for at least an extra 5-6 hours to find them all - along with potentially being slowed down by tougher enemies on even higher difficulties. 

Altogether, The Last of Us Part 2 will take you 21-32 hours to beat depending on your preferred difficulty and preference for collectables. However, if you're truly after the Platinum trophy, keep in mind that in order to fully upgrade all your weapons for one of the trophies - you'll need to at least part of a second playthrough on New Game Plus, since there are only at most 80% of the Parts you need in a single playthrough.

That's everything on our answer to "how long is The Last of Us 2?". If you've still yet to start or finish The Last of Us Part 1, be sure to have a look at what performance options and accessibility options are available to you. You should also check out The Last of Us HBO series trailer before it launches next year.  

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