The Last of Us Part 1 best PC settings

The Last of Us Part 1 best PC settings
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Tarran Stockton


29th Mar 2023 11:51

You may want to know what The Last of Us Part 1 best PC settings are so you can make tailor the game to your own liking and ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

The Last of Us has become of the biggest gaming properties in the world recently thanks to the hit HBO show, and now the series is finally on PC, allowing even more players to experience the story of Joel and Ellie. So, if you want a rundown of The Last of Us Part 1 best PC settings, we've got you covered. 

The Last of Us Part 1 best PC settings

The Last of Us Part 1 best PC settings
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We'll run through all the different settings categories and make suggestions about which ones you should alter to make the experience better on your end.


For the controls sections, you can alter them to your liking as there is no best way to control the game. The only suggest we'll make is turning on Aim Assist if you use a controller and want to tune the difficulty up.


If you're using a controller, we suggest turning on the Bow Resistance setting, as it help you feel the tension of the bow weapon much more.


The Last of Us Part 1 best PC settings hud
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For the HUD settings, there are a few we think will outright improve the experience for anyone.

  • Reticules - Simple
  • Awareness Indicators - Stealth
  • Pick-Up Prompts - On


For subtitles, you can alter them to your own liking. 


We recommend keeping the display settings at the default, as the game will automatically tailor it to your own PC and monitor. 


The Last of Us Part 1 best PC settings graphics
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Changing the graphics settings to match your PC specs is the best way to get the best performance, while also making the game look as good as possible.

If you want a happy medium between performance and graphical fidelity, use the following settings:

  • Framerate Cap – 60
  • Scaling Mode – DLSS or FSR
  • Quality – Balanced
  • Graphics Preset – Custom
  • Animation Quality – Medium
  • Draw Distance – Low
  • Dynamic Objects Level of Detail – Low
  • Character Level of Detail – Medium
  • Environments Level of Detail – Medium
  • Dynamic Objects Texture Quality – Low
  • Characters Texture Quality – Medium
  • Environments Texture Quality – Medium
  • Visual Effects Texture Quality – Low
  • Texture Filtering – Anisotropic 4x
  • Texture Sampling Quality – Medium
  • Ambient Shadows Quality – Quarter Resolution
  • Directional Shadow Resolution – Medium
  • Directional Shadow Distance – Medium
  • Image Based Lighting – On
  • Spotlights Shadow Resolution – Medium
  • Point Lights Shadow Resolution – Medium
  • Bounced Lighting – On

We also suggest switching off Motion Blur here, as your eyes will blur naturally, and it will free up some frames so your PC can perform better.


We suggest keeping most of these at default, though switching the music slider down slightly might be preferable.


Keep these at the default, as it will automatically be the language for the country you are located in.


The system settings can also be kept at the default, as there's not much to change here.

That's all for our breakdown of The Last of Us Part 1 best PC settings, and now you know all the settings that you should change when you load it up for the first time.

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