8 best games like Dead Island 2 to play right now in 2023, from Dead Space to Walking Dead

8 best games like Dead Island 2 to play right now in 2023, from Dead Space to Walking Dead
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12th Apr 2023 16:12


Looking for some games like Dead Island 2 that you can play right now? After what seems like an age, Dead Island 2 has finally released, allowing players to jump and explore a zombie-infested Los Angeles. 

Considering many players may have already finished the game, you might be looking for that next undead fix. So, check out our list of eight games that are similar to Dead Island 2

Games like Dead Island 2: Dead Island

Screenshot of a zombie attack on a beach in Dead Island, a game like Dead Island 2
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While it may seem silly to suggest, and as it has been over a decade since Dead Island's release, there is a strong chance that many folks who have played Dead Island 2 have not yet played it. The original game holds up remarkably well all these years later, and through backwards compatibility it can be played on PS5 or Xbox Series S or X.

The first game seems to have little to do with the second in terms of story, but it is the originator of a style of gameplay that has gone on to define much of the work of Techland, who later ventured into the Dying Light series. If you haven't played it before, you should definitely give the original Dead Island a go.

Games like Dead Island 2: Walking Dead Saints and Sinners

A bald man fights off a zombie with a knife to the head in Walking Dead Saints and Sinners
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If you like the first-person zombie action of Dead Island 2 but feel it could be just a tad more immersive, Walking Dead Saints and Sinners may be another game like it that you'll enjoy - provided you have the right hardware.

Walking Dead Saints and Sinners gets you up close and personal with the undead via VR. Slicing, smashing and shooting zombies doesn't get much more visceral than doing it with your own two hands.

Games like Dead Island 2: Left 4 Dead/Back 4 Blood

everal of the main characters fighting off zombies while standing on a car in Left 4 Dead, a game like Dead Island 2
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The classic first-person zombie slaying game that likely had a hand in inspiring Dead Island, Left 4 Dead is an amazing game to this day. Both it and the sequel are easy to acquire and play today and hold up incredibly well.

If you would prefer a more modern take, or you have already played the L4D games to undeath, the recent Back 4 Blood is a spiritual successor by the original creators that carries on the legacy. Regardless of your choice, your options for zombie slaying fun are nearly endless.

Games like Dead Island 2: Resident Evil 4 Remake

Leon and Ashley from Resident Evil 4
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2023 is a big year for taking on the undead like we're back in the 2000s, and this one game like Dead Island 2 that will undoubtedly interest many zombie fans out there. Arguably one of the greatest games of all time, the flagship franchise of the zombie genre, Resident Evil 4 has only recently received the remake treatment of its older siblings, Resident Evil 2 and 3.

Through some kind of miracle, Capcom has somehow remade the greatest game they ever made, and potentially made it even better

Games like Dead Island 2: Dead Space Remake

Isaac Clarke aims his plasma cutter at a Necromorph
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Next on our list of games like Dead Island 2, we've got the Dead Space Remake. We told you 2023 was a big year for bringing back classic zombie franchises, and this one is no exception. Another classic survival horror game, Dead Space took many of its cues from Resident Evil 4, so it is only fitting that the two make their return in the same year.

Again, much like RE4, the Dead Space remake takes the classic game we know and love, and improves it for modern players. If you don't fancy shelling out full price for a new release, the original Dead Space is still readily available and still incredible.

Games like Dead Island 2: Dying Light 1/2

A character hanging from a building in Dying Light 2, a game like Dead Island 2
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A few years after Dead Island, and during the limbo period where Dead Island 2 was nothing more than a CGI trailer and unkept promises, we got a strikingly similar game called Dying Light. The similarities make sense as soon as you learn that both franchises are created by Techland.

The elevator pitch of Dying Light is that it brings together the combat of Dead Island and the traversal of Mirror's Edge. You can hardly go wrong with that combination, and Techland certainly didn't with these games. Both the original and Dying Light 2 are excellent ways to continue your zombie-killing streak.

Those are our picks for the best games like Dead Island 2 that might interest you to pick up and play in 2023. 

Finally, check out our best Dead Island 2 skill cards guide, which covers how to make the best possible build. 

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