Tower of God New World tier list (September 2023)

Tower of God New World tier list (September 2023)
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Our Tower of God New World tier list should help you choose the best characters for your team. Tower of God New World is a mobile RPG based on the popular online series.

This character tier list breaks down the characters in the game based on the best to worst, helping you decide which characters you want to use. Here is our Tower of God New World tier list.

How we chose the best characters in Tower of God New World

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Tower of God New World characters can be divided into classes, those classes being Support, Tank, Assassin, Warrior, Ranged, and Mage. Each class is important and fulfils a specific role. Finding the best characters for each class is an important part of determining which characters are the best in the game.

While our list is not simply the best characters from each class, that is an important factor. As such, you will find a mix of classes throughout the list, but there will be characters from each class in most of the tiers.

Tower of God New World tier list

Characters from Tower of God New World
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Here is our tier list for the best and worst characters in Tower of God New World:

Tier Characters
  • [Fast Ship] Evan
  • [Hellfire] Evankhell
  • [Data] Khun Mascheny
  • [Data] Zahard
  • [Honey Bee] Vespa
  • [Maniacal] Xia Xia
  • [Flame User] Yihwa Yeon
  • [Destined Path] Hwaryun
  • [Anima] Narae Seonwoo
  • [Black March] Bam
  • [Dual Swords] Hatz
  • [Strategist] Khun Aguero
  • [Thorn] Viole
  • [Steel Armored] Karaka
  • [Lightning Spear] Khun Mascheny
  • [Black Fish] Quant
  • [Forever Prepping] Wangnan Ja
  • [Musician] Yellowy
  • [Princess] Endorsi
  • [Black Horn] Arkraptor
  • [Dark Abyss] Ghost
  • [Deadly Martial Arts] Shibisu
  • [Deep-Sea Fish] Hansung Yu
  • [Godfather] Lurker Kim
  • [Hunter] Rak
  • [Red Wings] Amigocharz
  • [Tactician] Lero Ro
  • [Yellow Feathers] Gyetang
  • [Young GirlRachel
  • [Gamer] Khun Hatzling
  • [Proud Waves] Lozeal
  • [Red Rose] Ha Yuri
  • [Insightful One] Laure
  • [Wings of Destruction] Horyang Kang
  • [Blooming Flower] Miseng Yeo
  • [One-eyed Wolf] Blarode
  • [Void] Grey
  • [Pink Knit Sweater] Goseng Yeo
  • [Bora Bora] Prince
  • [Doctor] Michael
  • [Green April] Anaak
  • [Knight] Cheonhwa Hong
  • [Disruptor] Kurdan
  • [Arsonist] Quaetro
  • [Speedster] Edin Dan
  • [Pitcher] Mule Love
  • [Red Lighthouse] Apple
  • [Rapper] Dede Cancho
  • [Delivery Boy] Nya Nia
  • [Punk] Blarouge
  • [Devil’s Arm] Robdevil
  • [Flail] Tin
  • [Sky Bead]
  • [imugi] Changsoo Yeon
  • [Thief] Serena
  • [Renegade] Hoh
  • [Paracule] [Survivor]
  • [Soft Rock] Bokdol Yu
  • [Slugger] Leeron 3
  • [South Wind] Chungchung

That is it for our Tower of God New World tier list. For more, head to mobile homepage to find guides and lists on more mobile games like RAID: Shadow Legends and Pokemon Go.

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