5 best games like Alone in the Dark, from Resident Evil to Dead Space

5 best games like Alone in the Dark, from Resident Evil to Dead Space
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20th Mar 2024 09:47


Alone in the Dark is the latest iconic horror franchise to get a remake, and whether you're looking for something similar in anticipation of playing it, or wanting to scratch that same itch after leaving its credits behind, there are a number of great games that share its survival horror core.

The genre has seen a revival of sorts over the last decade, leading to a bunch of fresh and innovative experiences that will scare your socks off. Having played many of them myself there's no shortage of titles to recommend, so let's get into the list.

Best games like Alone in the Dark


SIGNALIS gameplay
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Image via rose-engine

The indie scene has a bunch of standout games that are reminiscent of 90s survival horror, and SIGNALIS is one of the best. It features a top-down 2.5D perspective and is set in a surreal future on a distant planet where many of the android servants of a totalitarian nation have malfunctioned.

You play LSTR-512, an android looking for her partner, leading you to scavenge the dead facilities and city streets for clues and supplies to figure out what's going on and where to go. The limited inventory capacity and supplies make it a hardcore experience that'll challenge even the veterans of the genre, but the story is worth the effort you'll need to put in.

Dead Space Remake

Dead Space combat
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Image via Motive Studios

Dead Space is a more action-oriented horror experience, but it's still not afraid to leave you anxious about your ammo count and health supplies as you wonder if you'll make it to the next save point. 

Set on a spaceship infested by the deadly Necromorphs, the game sees you play as an engineer named Isaac Clarke who's looking to find his missing wife. The precision-based combat forces you to play smart with how you shoot enemies, while you can utilise telekinesis powers to manipulate the environment for puzzles and platforming.

It all makes for one gore-filled odyssey that's oppressively tense and improves on the original in nearly every way, all while making for a perfect homage to Visceral Games.

Amnesia: The Bunker

command room in Amnesia The Bunker
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Image via Frictional Games

Most of the Amnesia games belong to a different style of survival horror that focuses on running and hiding rather than facing your enemies head-on and being clever with resources. However, Amnesia: The Bunker combines the cat-and-mouse elements of the latter with a similar structure to classic Resident Evil to produce something I sang the praises of in my review.

Set in a WWI bunker, you play a French soldier called Henri as he looks to escape and avoid dying to the unknown monster that's killed all his compatriots. The gameplay centres around the command room, where you can keep the lights on and plan your ventures into the far reaches of the bunker to look for the resources necessary to escape.

Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake in Alan Wake 2
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Image via Remedy Entertainment

If you're after a more surreal and genre-bending style of survival horror, Alan Wake 2 is one of the most daring games of the past few years. With dual protagonists, you play as Saga Anderson, a detective looking into some murders in a small town, and Alan Wake, a novelist trapped in an alternate dimension who writes a story involving Saga to try and escape. 

It features the most refined gameplay of any Remedy title yet, along with unique features for each character that allows Alan to change the environment and Saga to follow the twisting mysteries that follow her. As our review said, it's Remedy at its very best and a wonderfully weird venture into horror.

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The best game like Alone in the Dark

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Leon in Resident Evil 2 Remake
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Image via Capcom

Resident Evil 2 Remake's DNA is all over the latest Alone in the Dark, but there's nothing quite like the real thing. RE2 is a wonderful remake of a classic in the survival horror genre, bringing Racoon City and its iconic police station to life with a new third-person perspective and RE Engine graphics. 

If you still haven't dove into the horror, the game's unpredictable undead and invincible stalkers will provide an unrelenting challenge for those not paying attention. It's also a great entry into a wider franchise that has shaped survival horror as we know it.

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