Fortnite Bargain Bin Week: How To Complete The Bargain Bin Week Quests

Fortnite Bargain Bin Week: How To Complete The Bargain Bin Week Quests
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15th Mar 2022 14:48

Fortnite Bargain Bin Week has grown into quite a tradition. It's become customary that a Bargain Bin Week is scheduled for the final few days of each Fortnite season. This special week gives players an opportunity to splurge and spend their Gold Bars at a discount before they reset, which will happen ahead of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. Let's go over the details of Chapter 3 Season 1's Bargain Bin Week and how to best tackle the Fortnite Bargain Bin Week quests.

Fortnite Bargain Bin Week: Prices

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Bargain Bin Week was devised as a way to encourage spending and incentivise players to use their Gold Bars before they disappear with the arrival of a new season. All of the items and services offered on Artemis are heavily discounted for a temporary amount of time.

The slashed prices of items and services are as follows:


  • The Dub: 300 Bars (Previously 600 Bars)
  • Boom Sniper: 300 Bars (Previously 600 Bars)
  • Shadow Tracker Pistol: 200 Bars (Previously 400 Bars)
  • Hop Rock Dualies: 250 Bars (Previously 500 Bars)
  • Marksman Six Shooter: 200 Bars (Previously 400 Bars)
  • Chili Chug Splash: 35 Bars (Previously 70 Bars)


  • Future Storm Circle: 87 Bars (Previously 170 Bars)
  • Hire NPC: 50 Bars (Previously 95 Bars)
  • Prop Disguise: 37 Bars (Previously 75 Bars)
  • Rift To Go: 125 Bars (Previously 245 Bars)
  • Patch Up (Healing): 100 Bars (Previously 200 Bars)

Enjoy a 50% discount across the board up until Bargain Bin Week concludes on March 20 at 1pm GMT.

Fortnite Bargain Bin Week: Bargain Bin Week Quests

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For the first time ever, Fortnite Bargain Bin Week will come with a set of related quests. The Bargain Bin Week challenges are as follows:

  • Spend Bars (500)
  • Spend Bars (1,000)
  • Spend Bars (1,500)
  • Spend Bars (2,000)
  • Spend Bars (3,000)
  • Purchase an item from a Character (1)
  • Purchase items from a Vending Machine (3)
  • Upgrade weapons at an Upgrade Bench (2)
  • Purchase an Exotic weapon from a Character (1)

Fortnite Bargain Bin Week: Challenge Tips 

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As you'd probably expect, all of the Bargain Bin Week quests revolve around spending Gold Bars. At this point in the season, frugal players are probably sitting on a hoard of Gold Bars. However, more frivolous spenders could find their stash of Bars running low. If that's the case, check out our guide on how to earn Gold Bars in Fortnite — fast.

The majority of the Bargain Bin Week challenges consist of simply spending Gold Bars. There are no specific demands for what you spend the Bars on. Spend 3,000 Gold Bars total on the items/services of your choice and you'll blow through five of the Bargain Bin Week quests.

The remaining quests involve spending Gold Bars on particular items and services around the island. For example, one challenge tasks players with purchasing an item from a Character. Reference our guide on Fortnite NPC locations if you need help finding one of the Chapter 3 Characters.

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Not only must you do business with Characters, but you'll also need to purchase three items from a Vending Machine and upgrade two weapons at an Upgrade Bench. Vending Machines can be found at almost all of the major points of interest while Upgrade Benches are scattered across the island at various locations. Refer to the image above for the exact location of all Chapter 3 Season 1 Vending Machines and Upgrade Benches.

The final challenge of Bargain Bin Week asks that you purchase an Exotic weapon from a Character. The Fortnite NPCs that sell Exotic weapons are:

  • Bunker Jonsey
  • Mancake
  • Cuddle Team Leader
  • Lt. John Llama
  • The Scientist

Visit any of the Characters on the list above and buy the Exotic weapon they offer to satisfy the quest.

Take note that any Gold Bars spent at Characters, Vending Machines, and Upgrade Benches will count toward your total tally. We recommend prioritising the focused challenges first as the general "spend Gold Bars" quests will progress naturally.

Fortnite Bargain Bin Week: Rewards

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Just as was the case with Fortnite Bownanza Week, Fortnite Amazing Web Week, and Fortnite Avian Ambush Week, the rewards available to earn through participating in Bargain Bin Week are limited solely to XP. Unfortunately, there are no free Fortnite skins or other cosmetic items to unlock during Bargain Bin Week. 

Each Bargain Bin Week quest you complete will award you with 8K XP. In total, you can earn up to 72K XP toward your Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass and Season Level. The Bargain Bin Week challenges will expire on March 20 at 1pm PM GMT. 

Now, get out there and enjoy the opportunity to purchase items and upgrade weapons at a discount. Spend that money and blow the bank because your Gold Bar cache will be reset to zero at the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.


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