Fortnite Avian Ambush Week: How To Complete The Avian Ambush Week Quests

Fortnite Avian Ambush Week: How To Complete The Avian Ambush Week Quests
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Coleman Hamstead


8th Mar 2022 16:13

Fortnite Avian Ambush Week is the latest in a series of Wild Weeks scheduled to round out Chapter 3 Season 1. Each Wild Week follows a specific theme and comes accompanied by a set of related Fortnite challenges. Let's overview Fortnite Avian Ambush Week and how to best approach the Avian Ambush Week quests.

Fortnite Avian Ambush Week: What's Included

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Chickens are tired of sitting at the bottom of the food chain — no more. Avian Ambush Week marks the beginning of the Fortnite chickens' reign of terror. 

Sharks, wolves, frogs, and boars have all gone extinct at the hands of chickens. Chickens now rule the island and aggressively fight back against all attackers. Furthermore, chickens will peck at opponents if you can manage to get your mitts on one. Lastly, a new variety of chicken called the Loot Chicken has been born. Like crows, this special type of chicken will drop loot when defeated.

While the rest of the Fortnite wildlife population will return to glory in time, certain changes introduced in Avian Ambush Week are permanent. Chickens will stay aggressive long after Fortnite Avian Ambush Week concludes, and Loot Chickens will stick around as well.

Fortnite Avian Ambush Week Quests

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As you'd expect, all of the Avian Ambush Week quests revolve around chickens. The Fortnite Avian Ambush Week challenges are as follows:

  • Catch a chicken in different matches (3)
  • Fly with a chicken for 20 metres in a single flight (1)
  • Hunt a Loot Chicken or Crow (2)
  • Throw chickens (5)
  • Bounce on a tire, umbrella, or Web Bouncer three consecutive times while holding a chicken (1)
  • Slide for 30 metres continuously whole holding a chicken (1)
  • Open a Vault while holding a chicken (1)


Fortnite Avian Ambush Week: Challenge Tips 

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The first quest on the list above is the key to completing all of the other Avian Ambush Week quests. Without a chicken, it's impossible to tackle any of the subsidiary challenges.

Fortnite chickens spawn all over the island, but primarily in the Desert and Grasslands biomes. While they can survive in the colder climate, you won't find many chickens out in the Mountains biome.

With a chicken in hand, the rest of the quests are relatively easy. Head to Fortnite Pinnacle Peak and leap off for an easy 20-metre flight, use what you know about how to slide in Fortnite to slide 30 continuous metres with the chicken, and visit one of the Fortnite Vault locations and open it while holding the chicken.

For the remaining challenges — tires are prevalent all around Chonker's Speedway, Condo Canyon is home to a bunch of umbrellas, and Web Bouncers are scattered throughout The Daily Bugle. Finally, Loot Chickens are marked by their glowing coating while the Rustaway Shores landmark is a prime place to find crows. 

With these tips, you should be able to breeze through all of the Avian Ambush Week quests.

Fortnite Avian Ambush Week: Rewards

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As was the case with Fortnite Bownanza Week and Fortnite Amazing Web Week, there are no unique cosmetic rewards to earn through participating in this special week of Fortnite. Rather, each Avian Ambush Week quest you complete will award you with 8K XP. In total, you can earn up to 56K XP toward your Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass and Season Level. You'll have until March 15, 2022, at 2:59 PM GMT to complete all of the Avian Ambush Week quests before they expire.

Fortnite Avian Ambush Week marks the third consecutive Wild Week of Chapter 3 Season 1. As has been a tradition for the past few seasons, next week will be Bargain Bin Week. Bargain Bin Week will be the final Wild Week of Chapter 3 Season 1 and will serve as the perfect opportunity to cash out on all of your Gold Bars before we start anew in Chapter 3 Season 2. But for now, it's time for a chicken cull.


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