Rise of the Ronin’s map size & open world explained

Rise of the Ronin’s map size & open world explained
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Morgan Truder

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26th Mar 2024 11:22

Rise of the Ronin marks the first time developer Team Ninja has opted to go for an open world after developing games like the Ninja Gaiden and Nioh series.

These games are infamously challenging and will test your patience, but to see this style of game in a truly open world remains unusual, with only Elden Ring managing to nail it and merge the two successfully thus far (in my opinion). 

Below I've outlined everything you need to know about the game's open world, how big the map is and how gameplay will be influenced by it. 

Rise of the Ronin's open world explained

The game sees players exploring an open world set in 19th Century Japan. After completing the tutorial, the map opens up and allows players to explore 22 different regions freely.

Each region has an assortment of different challenges and collectables to complete - and doing so will help your regional Bond

Rise of the Ronin coast
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In fact, Rise of the Ronin's map is so big that you'll need to combine using a glider, a horse and fast travel to see it all.

How big is Rise of the Ronin's map?

The map clocks in at 27 Square kilometres, which probably means little unless you survey land for a living. In layman's terms, it's a similar size to the map in Ghost of Tsushima, another game that takes place in Japan. 

All in all, the map isn't too large, making it more than manageable to explore. 

Rise of the Ronin map
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List of locations

Yokohama is the main city in the game, and it's also the location where you'll spend a lot of your time because it acts as your base of operations.

Known as The Longhouse, here you can talk to other characters, change how your gear looks and find your Pilgrim Dog. There's plenty to see outside of that, though, and these are all of the regions you'll get to explore:

  • Honmoku
  • Yamate 
  • Ishikawa
  • Yamashita  
  • Motomachi 
  • Miyozaki 
  • Honcho  
  • Bashamichi
  • Yoshida-Shinden 
  • Nakamura
  • Maita  
  • Ota
  • Tobe
  • Noge
  • Hodogaya 
  • Shibo 
  • Sodegaura
  • Kanagawa
  • Hiranuma-Shinden

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