FIFA 23 OTW Release Time

FIFA 23 OTW Release Time
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Harry Boulton


30th Sep 2022 12:44

As it is the first promo of the year, finding out the FIFA 23 OTW release time is essential if you want to jump straight into the action. Promo releases in FIFA are some of the most exciting times in the game, as a bunch of new and boosted players get injected into packs and SBCs. So, to find out what the exact FIFA 23 OTW release time is, make sure to check out the full guide down below.

FIFA 23 OTW Release Time: When Does FIFA 23 OTW Come Out?

When Does FIFA 23 OTW Come Out?
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The official FIFA 23 OTW release time is scheduled for 6PM BST/10AM PT on September 30. This keeps the returning promo in line with every other promo release time, and the standard daily content drop time too, so it seems like business as usual.


This is definitely a time to keep in mind, as it means that past 6PM, all of the FIFA 23 Ones to Watch confirmed players will be in packs, with their standard gold versions being taken out.

This means that if you have your eye on any of the standard cards of a player included in the promo, then now is the perfect time to buy them, as they will only go up in price due to a supply issue.

The FIFA 23 Ones to Watch promo will run for just one week, lasting until 6PM BST/10AM PT on October 6, when the new FIFA 23 RTTK promo is rumoured to take over and bring flashy new live cards to the fold.

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When Do You Get FIFA 23 Free OTW Player Pack?

When Does FIFA 23 OTW Come Out?
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If you've preordered the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition before September 30, then one of the biggest benefits is a free pack containing a guaranteed Ones to Watch player. 

This is an incredibly exciting time, as it has the chance to give you one of the best players in the game, and all for free too. Of course, it is all down to luck though, and you're far more likely to receive a less desirable card than Haaland, but that's part of the fun.

While EA has not officially announced the release time of the free OTW pack, it is likely going to be inserted into your account at 6PM BST/10AM PT when the full promo goes live.

If it does happen to enter your account before the official FIFA 23 OTW release time, make sure to resist the temptation to open it, as it could include just the standard version of whatever card you pack instead of their special version.

So, that's everything you need to know about the FIFA 23 OTW release time, giving you further details about when the free pack releases too. Make sure to check out our FIFA 23 best cheap players guide if you're looking for some undervalued gems on the market.

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