FIFA 23 New Celebrations Full List

FIFA 23 New Celebrations Full List
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12th Aug 2022 17:23

There's a large part of the community that takes great joy in gloating after a goal, and the FIFA 23 new celebrations will certainly help them in achieving that goal. There's a big divide in the FIFA community between L1+R1 pressers and your average celebration enjoyers, but EA certainly likes to appeal to those who thrive on showboating. So, for all of the FIFA 23 new celebrations, make sure to check out the full list below.

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FIFA 23 New Celebrations

These FIFA 23 new celebrations will let you bathe in the glory of your goal, no matter whether it was a 40-yard screamer, or just a simple, sweaty tap-in. Joining such greats as the 'salmon dive' and 'Mbappe little brother' are the following FIFA 23 new celebrations:

  • Low Five and Flex (Roberto Firmino)
  • Flip (Sam Kerr)
  • Eye of the Tiger (Christian Pulisic)
  • Gamer (Diogo Jota)
  • Griddy


Low Five And Flex Celebration

While they could have picked from a wide array of Firmino's many celebrations, they have opted for the 'Low Five and Flex' which he does on a semi-regular basis. This joins his eye covering celebration in the game, and offers Liverpool fans another way to indirectly champion their number nine.

Flip Celebration

Joining the game alongside the FIFA 23 women's club's is the Flip celebration from the WSL player of the year. Sam Kerr has been performing this celebration on and off for years, and its acrobatics will certainly be a sight to see in the upcoming game.

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Eye Of The Tiger Celebration

Rather unique to Christian Pulisic due to his own arm tattoo, the Eye of the Tiger celebration involves him placing his forearm over his face to reveal, you guessed it, the face of a tiger. It might not have quite the same effect with any other player, but it is definitely something you're going to want to do if you score with the American international.

Gamer Celebration

Being perhaps the only celebration in the entire game that directly references FIFA, Diogo Jota's 'Gamer' celebration is rather iconic, as it was first performed in a game that was the reason why he had to pull out of an esports tournament. It seems like Jota is just as good at scoring goals off the pitch as he is while on it.

Griddy Celebration

While not specifically unique to any specific player, fans have been clamouring for the Griddy to be added to FIFA 23 since both Pulisic and Anthony Elanga both used it last season. Created by American football player Allen Davis, the Griddy is probably going to end up as the go-to wind up celebration in FIFA 23 so you better get used to it now while you still can.

So, that wraps up this list of all the FIFA 23 new celebrations, giving you an overview of all the different ways you can torment your opponent in the new game. For more general FIFA 23 Ultimate Team details, don't miss our full guide for all the latest information.

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