How To Score FIFA 23 Free Kicks

How To Score FIFA 23 Free Kicks
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29th Sep 2022 17:56

How to score FIFA 23 free kicks is a question likely to be on many players' minds as we move into the new game. In this year's FIFA title they have done away with the familiar set piece system, in favour of a more precise technique that gives you more control over the direction of the ball. So, to find out how to score FIFA 23 free kicks, make sure to follow our helpful tutorial down below.

FIFA 23 Free Kick Basics

Before you learn how to score free kicks in FIFA 23, you must first understand how the new system works. As opposed to the old system, where you would aim a singular circle to a spot and then add spin in the run-up, the new system is based around a predictive line, and lets you be far more specific with your spin type.

When you first line up a free kick, you will notice a circle at the bottom of your screen, and also a line protruding out from the ball. You will be able to move the cursor around the circle with the left analogue stick, and this is what defines the initial height of your free kick, and the curve that you put on the ball.

The line on the other hand is the direction of your shot, which doesn't necessarily always want to be where you want the ball to end up. For example, with a highly curved shot, you will need to 'aim' the ball rather wide of the goal in order for it to curve back in.

Finally, the power gauge is relatively unchanged, but note that your power level has to play into the type of shot you're planning on taking, as some spin types favour more power than others. Additionally, you will have to add more power the further you are away from goal, but be careful not to add too much as that will send the ball into row Z.

How To Score Free Kicks In FIFA 23

How To Score Free Kicks In FIFA 23
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Now that you understand all of the new FIFA 23 free kick mechanics, we can now go over how to go about scoring them. While you technically can score a free kick in an inconceivably large number of ways, there are a couple of things you can focus on to make your goals more consistent.

The first technique to focus on will be the standard inside foot curled shot that is set as the default every time you start a free kick. This is probably the type of free kick that you would think of as the 'standard', that is taken on the inside of the strong foot, and loops over the wall into the far side of the goalkeeper.


In order to achieve this, you're going to want to raise the line slightly higher than the default, and aim somewhere generally just before the ear of the last person on the wall, in line with the goalkeeper's far side.

Then, use somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5 bars of power and it should hopefully soar into the top corner of the net. An additional thing you can do to ensure a more consistent finish is to press the shoot button again just before your player strikes the ball, making the shot more accurate.

The second other consistent option that we've found so far is the FIFA 23 outside the foot shot technique, but in free kick form. The standard version of this shot is already quite overpowered, but the free kick variant seems to cause confusion for the opposition goalkeeper.

We've tested it from a variety of different angles and distances and it seems to quite consistently soar into the back of the net, but it is slightly harder to judge than the inside foot curler.

In order to perform it though, you're going to want to move the curl slider to the opposite side of the inside foot, positioning it in almost the same way as you would do for the previous technique. Then, move the line roughly a metre or so beyond the post that you want to shoot into, and then use at least three bars of power to see it soar in.

Ideally, this is done on the side of your player's weak foot, as this is a more complementary angle, but it has also worked consistently on the strong foot side, with the wall seemingly obstructing the goalkeeper's view of the shot.

Additionally, you will want to favour players who have both the 'Outside the Foot Shot' trait, and have a high 'Curve' stat, as this will make navigating the ball into the net at tighter angles a lot easier.

How To Practice Free Kicks In FIFA 23

How To Practice Free Kicks In FIFA 23
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While understanding the information above is one thing, you're never going to be able to implement it without a bit of practice. There are two main ways that you can currently practice taking free kicks in FIFA 23, and they are as follows:

  • In the Practice Arena
  • In the FUT Moments 'Free Kick Frenzy' tab

If you're wanting to just blast them non-stop with no downtime in between shots then the Practice Arena is for you, but the Free Kick Frenzy challenge can emulate a real game scenario a bit better.

To head into the practice arena, all you need to do is select 'Play Modes' in the main menu, then 'Quickplay Modes', and then 'Practice Arena' all the way at the end. Once inside the area, press the start button on your controller and select 'Free Kick' from the menu that appears. You can move the position of the free kick to try out different angles and scenarios as well. 

For Free Kick Frenzy, it is currently in the weekly challenges tab of FUT Moments for week one of the game, but it is unclear at this current time whether it will just refresh, or if new challenges will appear.

So, that's how to score FIFA 23 free kicks, in addition to some tips on the new system and how to practice your new skills. If you want a way to blast the ball into the net in open play though, why not check out our FIFA 23 power shot guide.

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