FIFA 23 McGeady Spin Controls And How To Use

FIFA 23 McGeady Spin Controls And How To Use
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Harry Boulton


29th Sep 2022 14:37

The FIFA 23 McGeady Spin is one of the strongest skill moves to pull out in-game, giving you space and allowing you to beat a defender with just two flicks of the analogue stick. Skill moves have become increasingly more important in FIFA, offering players with enough technique an easier way to pass through tight defensive lines. So, to find out how to use the FIFA 23 McGeady Spin, make sure to carry on reading down below.

FIFA 23 McGeady Spin Controls

FIFA 23 McGeady Spin Controls
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Attributed (obviously) to Aiden McGeady, the McGeady spin allows players to quickly turn 90 degrees to pass by a defender who is pushed up against them. It is a great way to slide past a tight marker, or create enough space for a line-breaking pass or powerful shot on goal.

In order to perform the McGeady spin, all you need to do is hold L2/LT and move the analogue stick first in the direction that your player is facing, and then 90 degrees either left or right.

For example, if you were running towards the goal moving from left to right, you would hold L2, and then move the analogue stick right, then either up or down to switch towards the left or right side of the pitch.

As a minimum requirement, your player will need four star skills to pull off the move, but players with five star skills will perform a slightly altered version that is quicker and smoother. By comparison, the four star variant is one circular movement, whereas the five star is two quick flicks.


FIFA 23 McGeady Spin: When To Use

FIFA 23 McGeady Spin How To Use
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As mentioned, the FIFA 23 McGeady Spin is great for breaking past a tight marker, and getting through the lines, but it isn't as versatile as some other skill moves like the roulette. While it can get you success sometimes, it is not the type of skill that you want to pull out in a crowded box, nor generally when there are a lot of players around to pounce on your ending position.

Instead, it is the type of skill move that works best in a running duel again a defender who is at your side, as opposed to facing you directly. Think running down the byline, or on the edge of the box. Using it in these situations is almost a guaranteed success if you aren't too predictable, leaving the player pressing you in the dust behind.

Additionally, you need to remember that the first action of the analogue stick is always related to the direction your player is facing, so factor that into how and when you use it too.

So, that's everything you need to know about the FIFA 23 McGeady Spin skill move, teaching you how to use the move and when it is best to pull it out. If you're looking for advice for what to you when you reach the goal though, make sure to check out our guide on the new FIFA 23 power shot technique.

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