FIFA 23 Best Chemistry Styles For Each Position

FIFA 23 Best Chemistry Styles For Each Position
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Harry Boulton


18th Oct 2022 11:59

Deciding what the FIFA 23 best chemistry styles are can be a bit of a tricky task, as it can be different for each player, and also depends on certain new systems too. Introduced all the way back in FIFA 14, chemistry styles give players a way to boost specific stats, tuning players to your own specific liking. So, to find out what the FIFA 23 best chemistry styles are for each position, make sure to carry on reading down below.

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FIFA 23 Best Chemistry Styles: Goalkeeper

FIFA 23 Best Chemistry Styles: Goalkeeper
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The tricky thing about goalkeeper chemistry styles is that you're likely going to have a really high-rated keeper anyway, so the stat boosts won't feel as effective. Furthermore, keepers in FIFA do tend to have a mind of their own, and obviously, you aren't controlling them, so boosts aren't as effective as they would be on an outfield player.

Regardless though, here are the two FIFA 23 best chemistry styles you should use for your goalkeepers:

  • Basic
  • Glove


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In terms of actual chemistry styles, Glove is definitely the best, giving an increase of 15 to Handling, eight to Diving, and four to positioning. Otherwise, it's generally best to just stick to the Basic chem style, which gives a plus four boost to every stat apart from Speed, which gets a plus two.

FIFA 23 Best Chemistry Styles: Full Backs

FIFA 23 Best Chemistry Styles: Full Backs
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Realistically, the question of the FIFA 23 best chemistry style for fullbacks depends on what you want your full-backs to do. If you've read our FIFA 23 best custom tactics guide, you'll know that full-backs occupy one of the more flexible roles in the game, and can be needed to defend and attack in equal amounts.

Therefore, choosing your full back's chem style entirely depends on what you want them to do. You are going to want to make sure that they're fast enough to deal with any pacey wingers though, so pace boosts are a must.

Here are our picks for your fullback's FIFA 23 best chemistry styles:

  • Shadow
  • Catalyst
  • Anchor
  • Backbone

Shadow and Anchor are obviously best if you're needing a stay back full-back, as they give the defensive acumen alongside a pace increase to secure the sidelines. Catalyst is therefore better for players you want to bomb forward, giving them the pace and passing stats to whip a cross in. 

Finally, Backbone is great for somewhere in between the two - however, you do lose any pace increases, so make sure that your player is well-equipped in that department beforehand. 

FIFA 23 Best Chemistry Styles: Centre Backs

FIFA 23 Best Chemistry Styles: Centre Back
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With the new manual defending system, making sure your centre-backs are as good as they can be with the FIFA 23 best chemistry styles is more important than ever before. It appears as if more than ever before, defending stats are actually mattering, directly correlating with your performance in-game. 

In addition, the new FIFA 23 AcceleRATE system has allowed centre-backs on the slower side of things to excel, and one look at our FIFA 23 Lengthy players list will let you know how to do that. Of course, not every centre-back can be Lengthy, and some won't even need a chem style, but it is important to understand when and how to make your player Lengthy.

Here are our choices for the FIFA 23 best chemistry styles for centre-backs:

  • Shadow
  • Anchor
  • Sentinel
  • Lengthy chem styles (Sniper, Marksman, Hawk, Architect, Sentinel, Backbone, Anchor)

Predictably, Shadow and Anchor are still generally the best chemistry styles to use on your centre-backs, boosting both their defending and their pace stats, which should help you deal with even the toughest strikers. Sentinel is also a good choice, especially at the start of the game, if you feel like your back line already has enough pace in it.

However, you might not even need a Shadow with the new AcceleRATE system, as Lengthy players have the potential to be even faster if they have the right chem style. As silly as it may seem, if you're looking for speed then it is always better, if possible, to apply an Architect chem style to make your player Lengthy, than a Shadow to directly boost their pace. Do make sure to check whether your player can actually become Lengthy though, as otherwise, you'd be using the chem styles for nothing.

FIFA 23 Best Chemistry Styles: Midfielders

FIFA 23 Best Chemistry Styles: Midfielder
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Midfielder is obviously a bit of a blanket term, and encompasses a wide variety of different roles on the pitch, but there are still a select few chemistry styles that stand out as the best of the bunch.

For defensive midfielders, you're largely going to want to stick to the same chem styles that we highlighted for the centre-backs, which emphasise the increase of defensive stats. More so than defenders this year though, good defensive mids seem to be far better at being in the right place, regardless of pace, so you can put extra focus on things like Passing, Defending, and Physical if you want. You will also want to make sure that your DMs are always Lengthy if they can be, as it is vital that they get that long-term speed boost.

For more advanced midfielders though, here are the best chemistry styles that you can use:

  • Marksman
  • Artist
  • Engine
  • Hunter

It all depends on what role you want your midfielder to achieve, and how involved in the goalscoring process you want them to be. Players who you want to sit in the middle third dictating play will suit the Artist and Engine chem styles the best, especially with the increased boosts to dribbling.

However, you really can't go wrong with a Marksman or a Hunter if you want your players to push into the box and score, as there's nothing worse than your 75 shooting attacking mid whiffing an easy shot that could have secured you the victory.

One thing to additionally note is that players like Toni Kroos benefit massively from chem styles that would make him Lengthy, as it brings his pace up to the meta level, while maintaining his already impressive passing stats.

FIFA 23 Best Chemistry Styles: Wingers

FIFA 23 Best Chemistry Styles: Winger
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For wingers, you're going to be far more invested in the chem styles that boost your shooting and pace, as they are one of the only positions in FIFA 23 where the Lengthy AcceleRATE style isn't that big of a deal. Most of the best wingers in the game are too small to be Lengthy, so you're going to want to instead capitalise on their explosive pace, and ability to finish the chances they make for themselves.

So, here are the FIFA 23 best chemistry styles to use on your wingers:

  • Finisher
  • Deadeye
  • Marksman
  • Hawk
  • Engine
  • Hunter

It all depends really on the balance of their stats, in particular their Pace and Shooting attributes. The most important attribute for a winger is their speed, so if you've not got at least 90 pace, then you're definitely going to want to look at the Hunter, Hawk, or Engine chem styles.

It's then important to look towards the Shooting value, particularly the finishing stat. Hunter and Marksman do help a lot with this, but Finisher is the standout option, giving the max boost of 15 to the attribute. Deadeye is also a great choice too, boosting both Shooting and Passing, meaning that you have the wider flexibility of either staying wide to cross or cutting inside to shoot.

FIFA 23 Best Chemistry Styles: Striker

FIFA 23 Best Chemistry Styles: Striker
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Lengthy, Lengthy, Lengthy is all we can really say here. There's a reason why Erling Haaland is the meta card right now, despite being relatively underpowered in previous FIFA titles, and that is all down to his gangly legs.

Of course, with Haaland he is naturally Lengthy, so you can apply pretty much any chem style to him that doesn't boost his Agility, but there is a whole manner of strikers just waiting to become Lengthy gods.

Making your strikers Lengthy is currently more important than any individual chem style, so you're going to want to check through the requirements to see whether this is doable for you.

First of all, the one fixed action you must make sure of is that your player is at least 174cm tall, which unfortunately rules out Péle by one centimetre. Your player's acceleration must also be at least 55, and their agility equal to or greater than 65. From then on though, the main thing you have to be concerned with is that your player's strength is at least 14 points higher than their Agility - so, for example, 80 Agility and 94 Strength. 

You can achieve this through the seven chemistry styles that boost the strength stat, and they come in integers of four, eight, and fifteen. If you need no more than four, you can use the Sniper, Hawk, Sentinel, and Backbone chem styles - but Sniper or Hawk is likely your best option for strikers. If you need no more than eight, then Marksman and Anchor are your best bets. However, if you require a whopping 15 points - which quite a lot of eligible strikers will do, then the Architect chemistry style is the way forward.

However, if your striker is already Lengthy like Haaland or Kane, here are the best chemistry styles that you can use:

  • Hunter
  • Sniper
  • Hawk
  • Marksman

While Hunter isn't the most essential due to the Lengthy boost, it does still come in handy with the initial acceleration. Otherwise, you're going to want to go for Shooting and Physical boosts, to ensure that once you're in front of goal you don't waste your chances.

So, that's everything you need to know about the FIFA 23 best chemistry styles, giving you an idea of how you need to improve your players in every position possible. If you're wanting to find out who makes the FIFA 23 cheapest 84 rated players list though, make sure to check out our guide.

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