EA FC 24 cheapest 83 rated players in Ultimate Team for completing SBCs

EA FC 24 cheapest 83 rated players in Ultimate Team for completing SBCs
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Morgan Truder


9th Nov 2023 15:02

There's never not going to be a time when the cheapest 83 rated players aren't going to be helpful in EA FC 24, as it'll save you plenty of money (and time) when completing SBCs in Ultimate Team.

While you can always keep a few names at the top of your head, prices often change rapidly, so knowing who the ideal picks are and what prices you should be using is essential to avoid any overspending in the game.

If it's a more demanding SBC you're completing though, make sure to check out the cheapest players for 84, 85, 86, 87, or 88 rated players too.

Cheapest 83 rated players in Ultimate Team

Here are all of the cheapest 83 rated players that you should be picking up when completing any SBCs:

Player Price
Dusan Vlahovic 1,800 coins
Marco Asensio 1,900 coins
Adrianna Franch 1,900 coins
Mats Hummels 1,900 coins
Guido Rodriguez 1,900 coins
Marcelo Brozovic 2,000 coins
Sherida Spitse 2,000 coins
Willi Orban 2,000 coins
Giminez 2,000 coins
Morata 2,000 coins
Katharina Naschenweng 2,000 coins

Right now, the majority of 83 rated players are less than 2,000 coins, and there is no need to spend any more than that for an SBC.

83s have had a recent surge in price due to a number of recent popular SBCs, so their demand has driven their price up over double in a lot of instances. This might be the perfect time to use untradeables in your club over purchasing new players or even selling tradeable 83s that you already have for a tidy profit.

This rise will eventually subside though, so make sure to check back again soon to stay on top of the latest prices for your favourite 83s.

How much does an 83 rated squad cost?

Image of Palhinha listed on the transfer market in EA FC 24
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You won’t need to spend any more than 22,000 coins to build an 83 rated squad, which is quite high due to the raised price of individual players at the moment.

This should hopefully drop in the future though, but if there's any challenges that you're desperate to complete you might need to take the plunge and spend your coins.

Once you've completed that SBC though, make sure to check out our EA FC homepage as there's loads of guides you can check out to help you build your Ultimate Team.

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