FIFA 23 AcceleRATE: Lengthy, Controlled, Explosive explained

FIFA 23 AcceleRATE: Lengthy, Controlled, Explosive explained
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Harry Boulton


15th May 2023 18:44

FIFA 23 introduced AcceleRATE a new feature that helps make players feel more unique in the game. This feature goes a long way to mixing up how players feel, and making taller players more usable than ever before.

So, to find out what all the fuss is around the Lengthy, Explosive, and Controlled FIFA 23 AcceleRATE types, make sure to keep on reading down below.

What is FIFA 23 AcceleRATE?

FIFA 23 AcceleRATE explained on EA's Website
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The FIFA 23 AcceleRATE mechanic is a completely new feature that arrived in the latest game, but it can be somewhat compared to how body types worked in previous games.

In short, all players in are sorted into three FIFA 23 AcceleRATE types, which are Controlled, Lengthy, and Explosive. These types are assigned by a number of factors, from height, to stat differences, and they significantly affect how your players speed up when running.

Here is a rundown of what each AcceleRATE type does in-game: 

  • Controlled AcceleRATE type is the most common, and it works in the most 'normal' way of the three, having players speed up in a uniform and controlled pattern. A player with 75 pace for example will not be any slower or faster than their specific pace stat, outside of any instances where a player's Spring Speed and Acceleration stats differ wildly.
  • Explosive AcceleRATE type is far more desirable on the other hand, as it gives players a speed boost in the initial sprint. This means that players with the Explosive type will excel in one on ones, or quick line breaking runs. 
  • Lengthy AcceleRATE type almost works in the opposite way to Explosive, where players start their run on the slower side, but dramatically build up to a pace far beyond what their stats might suggest.




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What is the best AcceleRATE type in FIFA 23 

The AcceleRATE type that has taken the FIFA world by storm is Lengthy, which has introduced quite a significant shift to the meta which we haven't seen in years. For the first time since FIFA 19, stocky and tall players seem to be the meta, regardless of their seemingly low pace stats, and this is all due to the FIFA 23 Lengthy AcceleRATE type.

Interestingly, it has made a whole new suite of players viable and desirable in FIFA 23, when in any other game they would be tossed to the curb. It will be of particular interest how it affects the meta for FIFA 23 Icons, as players like Baresi, Van Nistelrooy, and even Shearer could be very much usable.

How to make your players Lengthy in FIFA 23

Players on a field in FIFA 23
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The tricky part of the whole FIFA 23 AcceleRATE system is understanding how to make your players Lengthy, and which players can actually undergo this change.

For a player to be Lengthy, in the first place, they must fall under the following parameters:

  • Agility >= 65
  • [Strength - Agility] >= 14
  • Acceleration >= 55
  • Height >= 174cm

While some players do fall under these guidelines naturally, for example, Haaland, Van Dijk, and Rudiger, there are some things you can do to make your players Lengthy. The first thing you must do is make sure that your player is taller than 174cm, as otherwise there is literally nothing you can do.

However, as the other parameters are stat based, you can thankfully play around with chemistry styles to make something work. You do however need to be careful to not make a naturally Lengthy player switch to Controlled by upping their Agility, so steering clear of the Engine chemistry style, for example, is advised.

Typically, the most significant factor in switching a player to the Lengthy AcceleRATE type is ensuring that their strength is 14 or more points higher than their Agility, so physical boosting chemistry styles are the way to go. Architect appears to be the best for this, giving a boost of 15 to the Strength stat, but there are other ways you can go if you don't need that much. Admittedly this has become more challenging now Team of the Season is here. 

Here are the following chemistry styles that could make your player Lengthy, depending on their base stats:

  • Sniper (+4 Strength)
  • Marksman (+8 Strength)
  • Hawk (+4 Strength)
  • Architect (+15 Strength)
  • Sentinel (+4 Strength)
  • Backbone (+4 Strength)
  • Anchor (+4 Strength)

A player like Toni Kroos for example, can change from Controlled to Lengthy by using the Marksman chemistry style, but will stay at Controlled with any of the others below this. Additionally, this means that you can use a chemistry style like Anchor on the new FIFA 23 Flashback Thiago Silva SBC solution, and have a fast centre back with an ever-speedier potential.

As mentioned, this has had quite a significant effect on the viability of slower players in FIFA 23, allowing previously unusable cards like Kroos, Kane, and Dias to feel far more like their real-life selves. 

Players have even done testing comparing a player like Ibrahimović to Haaland, and their long-distance pace isn't that far apart thanks to Lengthy, despite their actual pace difference of 31.

While it is sometimes better to have your player as Explosive, and it is not to say that all Controller players are bad (Mbappe is Controlled after all), it is just that Lengthy makes previously undesirable players usable again. At the very least it opens up a plethora of new options for you to try out and integrate into your squad, especially if you're a bit tired of the high agility meta that has dominated the past few years.

So, that's everything you need to know about the FIFA 23 AcceleRATE system, letting you also know how to make your players Lengthy. If you're looking for some FIFA 23 SBC solutions though, make sure to head over to our page to see everything that we've covered so far, and head over to our FIFA 23 homepage for all of the latest news and guides.

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