Does F1 Manager 2023 have multiplayer?

Does F1 Manager 2023 have multiplayer?
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31st Jul 2023 14:28


If you’re looking to pick up this year’s instalment of F1 Manager 2023, then you might be wondering if it has any multiplayer functionality to race alongside friends. Other sports management sim-style games, like the Football Manager series, have had multiplayer components for years now. Often, they’ll let players compete against each other, utilising tactics to best opponents rather than skill with a controller.

Multiplayer was a missing, and much-requested feature in F1 Manager 2022. The question is, has Frontier delivered in 2023? Keep reading to find out more about whether F1 Manager 2023 has a multiplayer component.

Does F1 Manager 2023 have multiplayer?

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Put simply, no - F1 Manager 2023 does not have multiplayer and is strictly a single-player-only experience. This means that you can’t connect with friends and race your car against others online, or pit against each other as rival teams on the paddock wall.

Will F1 Manager 2023 have multiplayer in the future?

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Sadly, it doesn’t look like F1 Manager 2023 will have an update that brings multiplayer functionality to it any time soon. Frontier hasn’t commented on whether multiplayer is something that’s actively in development, so it’s safe to assume that it won't be arriving in this year's instalment of the game.

However, with F1 Manager 2023 following up where 2022 left off, it’s possible that we could see another instalment in 2024. There is no confirmation that multiplayer will be coming in a year’s time, but it’s certainly at the top of the wishlist for some players.

What other game modes can you play in F1 Manager 2023?

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While F1 Manager 2023 doesn’t have any multiplayer to speak of, it does expand on its single-player offering in a big way. Building on what was popular in the 2022 debut of the series, racing through each season is now more exhilarating than ever, with new options to train your pit crew and drivers.

What’s more, you can also engage with the game via new Race Scenarios. This mode of play takes scenarios from the actual F1 2023 season so far and tasks you with picking up where the real teams left off. It’s a fun new way to engage with the gameplay that F1 Manager 2023 has to offer that also brings you that little bit closer to real-world action.

Read more about what we thought of the game in our F1 Manager 2023 review.

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