Is F1 Manager 2022 Multiplayer?

Is F1 Manager 2022 Multiplayer?
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Jake Bannister


30th Aug 2022 13:57

Are you wondering if F1 Manager 2022 is multiplayer? It's lights out, and away we go with F1 Manager 2022. In the management simulator, you put on your team principal hat and manage every aspect of the team. From the drivers to the facilities and the engine parts, the world is your oyster. One question many have had is if there's a multiplayer feature. If not, when would that be coming? We answer your questions below.

Is F1 Manager 2022 Multiplayer?

At the moment, F1 Manager 2022 is strictly single-player only, with the official Twitter account confirming this a few months before the game's release. There are no current plans for the game to have a multiplayer feature.

What Would F1 Manager 2022 Multiplayer Look Like?

In other simulator games, such as Football Manager 2022, you're able to start a 'network' game with your friends, in which you each take charge of different teams and essentially do your own thing. Outside of game day, you can make your signings, change tactics, and more while not hindering the other player.

In F1 Manager, this could be the exact same. Ideally, multiple players could take charge of different teams and do their own thing, such as still upgrade facilities, change drivers, etc. Where it could get tricky is on race day, not everyone wants to go through the race at 1x speed, although this speed could default to the lowest setting any person in a race has this set to.

Whatever the solution is, we and players alike would love to see a multiplayer experience in F1 Manager 2022.

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