Expeditions Rome Geminus: Should You Kill Or Spare The Triarchus?

Expeditions Rome Geminus: Should You Kill Or Spare The Triarchus?
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4th Jan 2022 11:31

The Expeditions: Rome Geminus decision is the first major choice you will make in this new role-playing game, and it sets the template for the type of choice and consequence gameplay that is to come. Geminus is the Triarchus (or, captain) of the vessel you begin Expeditions: Rome on, and very quickly you'll be forced to either execute or spare his life. If you're wanting to know the outcome of the Expeditions: Rome Geminus decision, or what the most optimal choice is, we've got you covered.

Expeditions Rome Geminus: Why Must You Kill Or Spare Geminus?

Expeditions: Rome Geminus
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You begin Expeditions: Rome on a Roman ship bound for Asia Minor, as the Republic is at war with a legion of pirates and a foreign king called Mithridates who rules the Kingdom of Pontus. On the way, your boat is rammed by a group of pirates who then attempt to kill the entire crew. After the tutorial fight with the pirates is finished, the group decide to question Geminus, as they believe him to behind it.

From here you can ask the Triarchus a few questions to figure out whether he's behind the attack, and listen to your companions who all give different opinions on the situation. The choice boils down to executing Geminus there and then, or sparing his life and letting him continue onward to Asia Minor. What happens during both choices though?

Expeditions: Rome Geminus: Killing The Triarchus

Expeditions: Rome Geminus killing
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Choosing to execute the Triarchus will result in your companion Bestia Tabat impaling Geminus with his spear, and will also affect your relationships with some characters.

Each character has personality traits, and killing Geminus will improve your standing with Warmongering companions, while Conciliatory companions will disapprove. Obviously, this also means Geminus is dead and cannot play a role in the rest of the game.

Expeditions: Rome Geminus: Sparing The Triarchus

Expeditions: Rome Geminus sparing
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If during the Expeditions: Rome Geminus decision, you decide to spare him, Warmongering companions will disapprove, while Conciliatory ones will approve. It also means you can still interact with Geminus during the game, and it allows him to play a role later on. 

After you arrive in Asia Minor, you will begin a few quests which relate to toppling a general named Archelaus, which ends with a siege on the city of Mytilene. During the last part of this siege, if you spared Geminus, you are given the choice of requesting his services to sneak you into the harbour and surprise Archelaus. This makes the siege much easier and quicker, and it makes for the optimal decision.

That's our breakdown of the Expeditions: Rome Geminus decision, and you should have an idea of whether you want to hold him to the standard of a Roman citizen, or practice mercy and make a potential ally. 

Make sure to check out the guide for the upcoming Expeditions: Rome Caesar's Journal quest to ensure you complete it without fail


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