Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Where To Find Every Unique In The Game

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Where To Find Every Unique In The Game
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There are quite a few Expeditions: Rome unique items to be found, and they vary from rewards for completing main quests to secrets that you have to seek out. Expeditions: Rome makes great use of its ancient setting to produce unique weapons and armours that are inspired by myth, legend, and the stories you'll discover in-game. These items often make for the best equipment in the game, and can even be upgraded to last you throughout your entire playthrough. 

In Expeditions: Rome, unique items - which covers weapons, armours, talismans, and even materials - are marked by their distinct golden iconography in the equipment menus. They also possess unique traits to bolster your stats and abilities, so a party with lots of unique equipment will be able to conquer Rome's enemies with ease. So, if you're looking for explanations of all the Expeditions: Rome unique items, including what they do and their locations, we've got you covered.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Archelaus' Sword

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Archelaus' Sword
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The first Expeditions: Rome unique item you will find is the weapon called Archelaus' Sword. This is earned automatically after you defeat Archelaus during the siege of Mysia near the game's beginning, and it doesn't matter if you kill or capture him. The sword makes for a powerful weapon in the hands of the Princeps class, and has extra slashing damage and a trait which applies bleeding to foes that you attack.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Harpe

Once you have finished the first pacification mission in the Beach Vilage, explore the area and one of the chests on a roof will contain a material called Sickle Blade. If you go Mysia after collecting it, you can talk to the merchant Boethus about it, and he will give you a blueprint to craft the Harpe. It's special trait is that the attack of opportunity can be triggered twice in a turn for the user.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Eurytus' Bow

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Eurytus' Bow
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The third unique item you are likely to come across is Eurytus' Bow which is an optional item found in the Temple of Apollon. Make your way to the top of the temple, and you'll eventually find an empty fountain next to a cracked floor.

Interact with the floor, and it will reveal a hidden chamber with a ladder leading in, and the bow can be found inside. It's one of the most powerful unique weapons due to its special trait, which allows Sagittarius characters to carry on using their Interrupt ability if they get a kill with it.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Eritha's Medallion

During the Expeditions: Rome Divide and Conquer quest, one of the ways you can gert rid of Theophilus is by finding a pressure point. This can be done by talking to a character called Eritha - just north of Zenobia - who is his secret lover. You can talk to her, and choosing the option to murder her will let you loot her medallion. It also has an incredible trait that lets it restore 10% of the wearers HP every combat round.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Rod Of Asclepius

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Rod Of Asclepius
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The next Expeditions: Rome unique item we'll highlight is the Rod of Asclepius which can be found hidden away in the mountain-top ruins location to the east of the Tempe of Apollon.

Once there, hidden behind one of the cracked walls is a chest with the unique weapon inside, which can accessed by climbing the nearby vines. The Rod of Asclepius improves a character's healing by 44% and restores 10% of a random allies' health every time you get a kill with the weapon. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Occam's Razor

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Occam's Razor
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Another unique weapon can be found in the fishing of Troas, which is north of the Temple of Apollon on the Asia Minor map. Once there, seek out a tavern which is being guarded by a hoplite outside.

If you make your way inside after killing the hoplite, and deal with all the enemies, there is a chest in the back corner room where you can find Occam's Razor. Occam's Razor is a dagger which has a high minimum base damage and deals an extra 50% damage to flanked enemies.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Traitor's Mail

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Traitor's Mail
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Following the quest called Whack A Mole will lead you to the next unique item. Make your way to the fishing village of Troas, and finish the fight against Cassius and his guards. Once you've transported him back to camp and interrogated him, Caeso will take his armour.

It's called Traitor's Mail and provides a boost in armour and your maximum resistances, along with a trait that lets you dodge the first ranged reaction attack you receive.  

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Spy Hamata

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Spy Hamata
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The Spy Hamata is the next Expeditions: Rome unique item you can receive, and is specific to the character of Calida. Meeting the camp smith Sextus will begin a quest where he asks you to make armour for her that fits.

All you need to do is strip down Calida's beginner armour, and craft the Spy Hamata for her. It provides her with a percentage health bonus, and a unique trait that gives her a 50% chance to refund skill charges when used. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Damianos' Pike 

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Damianos' Pike
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Another unique weapon can be acquired during the quest, Morituri Te Salutant, which sees you travel to a gladiator school to deal with a Roman traitor called Damianos.

Just follow the quest and defeat him, then you will be rewarded with Damianos' Pike. The weapon has an increased critical chance, and grants the Ready status when ending your turn adjacent to an enemy with a shield.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Aegis

This unique item takes a few steps to acquire it, but it's worth it in the end. In the fishing village of Troas, you can find a mercant who is selling a special bottle of wine for 2000 denarii, and if you buy it from her, you will begin the Blood of Jupiter quest. 

Bring this wine to Lucullus at his war camp, and you can have a drink with him. Afterwards, wait a while and revisit the camp to find a chest which has the blueprint for the Aegis and the material needed. It gives you a perk which lets you blind opponents that hit you with melee attacks. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Mithridates' Crown

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Mithridates' Crown
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Mithridates' Crown is the last unique item you can find during your conquest of Asia Minor, and will be automatically rewarded to you by Cotta, once you have finished the siege of Chalkedon.

Equipping it will give you extra armour, maximum resistance, and a trait which doubles all your resistances. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Crocea Mors

During the party back in Rome with the senators, you can speak to Aurelia and recieve a blueprint for the next unique item. Crafting the Crocea Mors will let you use a trait which applies the assayed status effect to all hits, which means the next attack on that same turn will cause critical hit.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Ancille

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Ancille
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Once you are back in Rome, you can find a unique shield called Ancille. If you visit the market and go to Sextus' stall (your old legion blacksmith), you can talk to him and select a dialogue option about making sure your slaves buy all their tools from him in the future.

This will prompt him to try and sell you a replica of a legendary shield called Ancille - though it's implied it might be the real thing. It costs 2000 denarii, and comes with high damage, extra movement, and a trait which restores its shield strength by the amount of movement points left after a turn. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Gladiator's Trident

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Gladiator's Trident
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The first of the Expeditions: Rome unique items that can be found in Africa is the Gladiator's Trident. It's a missable item, but it can be found during the main story quest called A Vital Matter.

It's in the room directly before Lucullus' study, and can be found against the wall in a display. The Gladiator's Trident counts as a pike weapon type, and deals extra critical damage, along with a trait which gives every attack a 20% chance of disarming enemies. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Queen's Warden

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Queen's Warden
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You'll get to meet the Cleopatra for the next African unique item, and it can be found during The Egyptian Queen, which is a quest that sees you save her from a convoy where she is imprisoned.

She gives you armour called the Queen's Warden, with a trait that grants you an automatic revive if the wearer is brought to zero health.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Scipio Africanus' Helmet

In the Court of Heaven in Africa, you can come across a vendor who peddles junk in the market. He will offer you a helmet for 1000 denarii, not knowing its worth, which turns out to be the helmet of Scipio Africanus, the man who conquered Carthage. It has an excellent unique trait which lets you use two attack actions if you end a turn with an action remaining. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Furry Medallion

Another unique items which can be discovered in the Court of Heaven is the Furry Medallion. During the Expeditions: Rome Afterlife Travel Guide quest, you can find the item in the chamber with the giant cat. It's located toeard the side of the area, and wearing attracts all animals toward you when you approach. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Warmaksan's Staff

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Warmaksan's Staff
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The next Expeditions: Rome unique item is also missable, and belongs to a tribesman called Warmaksan who ambushes you and your party during the Strange Alliances quest.

After heading to the Burial Site and finishing the fight there, lot Warmaksan's body to acquire his staff. Warmaksan's Staff has extra bludgeoning damage, and a 20% chance of knocking down enemies with every successful hit. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Izil's Bow

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Izil's Bow
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Izil's Bow can be found during a section of the Conquest of Africa quest, where you lay siege to the citadel of Awjila.

During the final encounter, you will be tasked with killing Izil, which will automatically reward you with his unique bow once you have spoken to Cleopatra afterwards. The weapon's trait is that attacks are not deflected by shields, and it also comes with extra accuracy, critical damage, and piercing damage. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Distinct Roman Galea

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Distinct Roman Galea
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At some point during your journeys around Africa, you will get a random encounter where you will be ambushed in the desert by some treasonous Roman soldiers.

Upon fighting them off, one of them will flee and drop the Distinct Roman Galea. It has a unique trait which gives Focus points equal to half of your remaining movement points, at the end of a turn.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Electrum Khopesh 

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Electrum Khopesh
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Once you have found the unique material, Electrum Blade With Inlain Gold, head to Sextus as your camp where he will tell you to see a smith in the city of Memphis.

When you are allowed to enter Memphis, talk to the smith about the Electrum Blade, and she will give you a schematic to craft the Electrum Khopesh back at the Legion camp. It deals reduced piercing damage, but has a higher slashing damage, along with a 25% chance to set targets on fire every time you attack.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Spear Of The Golden Wolf

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Spear of the Golden Wolf
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This next Expeditions: Rome unique item is missable and obtained through a side quest. Speaking to the character of Lunja at the Court of Heaven, will prompt her to ask for a favour in suppressing a Nasamone tribe who is opposed to an alliance with Rome.

Following through the quest eliminating all the tribesmen will cause her to emerge and after a conversation, give you the spear. Its unique trait lets you heal for 15% health every time you execute a character on the ground.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Tutankhamon's Dagger

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment 15
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During the quest titled The Number of Death, you will eventually infiltrate a pyramid where some enemy spies are set up. Upon arriving, and being ambushed, finish the fight and head to the wall which is highlighted after pressing the V key.

Pushing into it will reveal a secret tomb, where you can get the unique material called Meteorite Blade. Taking this to the smith in Memphis will reveal a location nearby where you can obtain the schematics to use the blade and forge Tutankhamon's Dagger. It comes with a -100% critical chance, but with the trade-off of ignoring enemy armour completely with attacks. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Was Sceptre

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Was Sceptre
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This unique staff is the last unique item that can be obtained during the campaign in North Africa and Egypt. After your siege of Alexandria, finish the fight with Ptolemy XIII. Once the fight is over and the dialogue sequence with Cleopatra begins, choose how to kill Ptolemy, and then loot the sceptre off his body.

It comes with a lot of extra critical damage, and a trait that grants the Venom Coated status effect to all alies during combat - letting them poison enemies with attacks. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Zairichi's Labrys

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Zairichi's Labrys
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After you have finished your adventures in Egypt, the first unique item you can find back in Rome, is part of a quest called The Third Man. As Deianeira, go through the quest, and once you have killed everyone inside of the Collegium Bacchus, search the chest in against the back wall of the room.

This will herald the Zaririchi's Labrys, a double-sided axe that has a 50% chance to mirror all damage dealt to an adjacent enemy, after making an attack.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Parazonium

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Parazonium
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You'll have to visit your old friend Sextus back in the Roman market to acquire this next unique weapon. Talk to his daughter at the stall, and once she has fetched him, you can ask to be a patron of his workshop.

He will then offer you the chance to buy a dagger called a Parazonium. for 600 denarii. This weapon has a trait which grants all allies the Bolstering Prescence ability, meaning they can't fail morale checks. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Boar Talisman

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Boar Talisman
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This is one of the first unique items that can be found during the third chapter, in the land of Gaul. A random event can occur titled 'Sacred Boars' where you will stumble upon a small settlement with somes ladies and boars.

They will try to get you to leave and if you comply, one will gift you the Boar Talisman, claiming it will bring luck. Unlike other unique equipment, the Boar Talisman has no traits, and the stats seems to be randomised - but our one had extra critical chance and resistances. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Orgetorix's Armour

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Orgetorix's Armour
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Orgetorix's Armour is the next unique item to find, and it will be acquired automatically during the Supply Lines quest. You'll be tasked with capturing or killing the Gallic King Orgetorix, and once you have finished the fight, you can loot the armour or get it back in camp after interrogating him.

Orgetrorix's Armour has a trait which lets the wearer gain +50% armour and armour cap after killing a leader, which remains for the entire fight.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Dumnorix's Shield

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Dumnorix's Shield
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Later on, during one of the stranger quests, you'll be tasked with ambushing King Dumnorix of the Aedui Tribe, whereupon you can collect the next unique. The quest is called End of the Aedui, and after collecting the items for a ritual by Divitiacus, you can finally ambush the king.

Upon finishing the quest and taking him out, you will automatically acquire his shield. Dumnorix's Shield's trait is that when hit, it doesn't lose stacks of the strong multiplier - but with a tradeoff of not being able to deflect arrows. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Bow Of Ogmios

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Bow Of Ogmios
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The next Expeditions: Rome unique item is optional, and can be recieved during the side quest Enemy of my Enemy. After dominating enough regions, Vercingetorix will send a messenger to tell you to meet him at the "site we both first met," which is the forest meetijng site.

It's near the south-west of the map, and upon arrival, he will gift you the Bow of Ogmios as a sign of respect. It has very good accuracy and critical damage modifiers, along with a trait that gives all critical hits the Routed effect.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Magister Toga

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Magister Toga
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These next five items can all be acquired at the same time. If you upgrade the camp armoury to level three, it allows you to craft better items, and you an use this to turn some very old equipment into shining new uniques.

If you dismantle Syneros' Old Toga, it will turn into a unique material and you will learn the crafting recipe for the Magister Toga. It's a much better version of the old armour of course, and has a trait which means using the bandage, doesn't trigger an attack of opportunity by an enemy.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Champion Plumata

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Champion Plumata
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If you dismantle Bestia's Old Plumata, it will also turn into a unique material and you can craft the Champion Plumata with it.

This unique armour piece has an insane focus maximum of 76%, along with a trait that gifts you back half of your spent focus, if you kill an enemy.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Ranger Hood

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Ranger Hood
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Though she will go by Calida at this point, by dismantling Calidus' Old Hood you can gain the unique material need to craft the Ranger Hood.

The Ranger Hood lets Calida attain the low profiel status if she doesn't kill a charater for a turn, so she doesn't attract attacks.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Primus Galea

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Primus Galea
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Likewise, if you dismantle Caeso's Old Galea, you can craft the Primus Galea, which has a trait that lets you taunt a random enemy whenever you score a critical hit.

The taunt is used to attract that enemy toward you.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Primus Musculata 

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Preimus Musculata
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And last, by dismantling Caeso's Old Musculata, you can get the Primus Musculata. Though it does possess a heavy movement penalty, this unique armour has high resistances and a trait which grants the indomitable status effect that prevents any morale loss during battle. 

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Mask Of Marcellus 

Expeditions Rome Unique Equipment Last Two Unique's
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The last two Expeditions: Rome unique items you will obtain, are found at the end of act three. After besieging the city of Alesia, the final fight takes places in Vercingetorix's throne room, and you'll have to battle his men and some of Lurco's men.

After defeating Marcellus and finishing the battle you will recieve the Mask of Marcellus. This unque grants a trait which doubles the effect of the frighten skill toward enemies, ensuring at least one remains routed.

Expeditions Rome Unique Items: Vercingetorix's Sword 

After defeating Vercingetorix in the final battle of act three, you can get his sword after killing or capturing him. Vercingetorix's Sword has a boost of six critical damage, along with a powerful trait. After killing an enemy, you can change an enemy into an ally for one turn, although it doesn't effect leader characters. 

Those are all the Expeditions: Rome unique items that we found in our playthrough. If we discover more of them we will update the guide, so make sure to check back here.

We also have a primer on the Expeditions: Rome classes.


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