Expeditions Rome Afterlife Travel Guide: Which Is The Right Door?

Expeditions Rome Afterlife Travel Guide: Which Is The Right Door?
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5th Jan 2022 17:18

The Expeditions: Rome Afterlife Travel Guide quest is rather strange and can be picked up once you travel to the Court of Heavens in the game's second act. It presents some rather bizarre circumstances to the player and even a choice which can put an end to your conquest of Ancient Egypt in Expeditions: Rome. As a small side quest it doesn't give much XP, but a handy amulet, along with an achievement make it worth the ride to the afterlife. If you're looking for an explanation of the Expeditions: Rome Afterlife Travel Guide quest - specially with regard to making the correct decision near its climax - read on for our breakdown. 

Expeditions Rome Afterlife Travel Guide Quest: How To Start It

Expeditions Rome Afterlife Travel Guide start
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To begin the quest, you must first travel to the Court of Heavens which your main quest will take you to during the early parts of the second act. From here if you travel to the right side of the area, set up near a tent in the corner is a shaman called Aksil. If you talk to him, he will tell you about the book he is writing about the afterlife in various cultures, prompting him to ask for your description of the Roman afterlife.

After this he asks you to try to travel to the land of the dead temporarily by trying a local weed named Cat's Eye, and describe what you discover when trying it. Agreeing - which you should do if you want to continue the quest - will instantly teleport you into what is seemingly the afterlife.

When you get there you are presented with an ethereal looking room that contains lots of broken Roman architecture, along with a huge black cat. Walking up to the cat, will prompt them to talk, where they will inform you that they are you from a past life. It seems your character was a bad kitty, and got reincarnated as a lowly human for their sins, but the previous version of yourself wants to escape the afterlife. 

The cat (or yourself we guess) will ask you to make a choice between two glowing doors, one of which returns you to the land of the living, and another which keeps you in the afterlife while letting the cat return from the grave. The doors aren't really labelled though, so it's a 50/50 chance for you to die and get a game over. So let's stop that.

Expeditions Rome Afterlife Travel Guide Quest: Which Is The Correct Door?

Expeditions Rome Afterlife Travel Guide Doors
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The doors are presented on either side of you, on some raised platforms that take stairs to reach. The insidious looking red glowing door is actually the one that returns you back to the living, and thus lets you finish the quest. The right one, which glows a nice and calm yellow, is actually the door that ends your game and forces you to reload a save. 

Obviously, pick the red door on the left if you want to continue playing the game, although the prospect of becoming a cat is alluring in some ways. All you need to do next to finish the quest is tell the shaman what you saw, rewarding you with 50 XP, an achievement, along with a talisman.

That is our guide to the Expeditions: Rome Afterlife Travel Guide quest, and you should now be able to avoid breaking your game and dying in the process.

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