Expeditions Rome Olympian: How To Solve The Riddles

Expeditions Rome Olympian: How To Solve The Riddles
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The Expeditions: Rome Olympian quest is one of the earlier ones you will find in the game, and helps to illuminate a bit about your companion, Syneros. Expeditions: Rome has many quests to tackle in multiple ways, with your choices defining the character you are, and Olympian is no different. The quests will challenge your wits and focus though, especially during the game of riddles - so if you need a breakdown of how to complete the Expeditions: Rome Olympian quest, read on.

Expeditions Rome Olympian Quest: Starting The Quest

Expeditions Rome Olympian Quest beginning
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You can start the Olympian quest once you have conquered Mytilene and have gained access to your legion, Legio Victrix. You will need to travel to the mainland of Asia Minor, and toward the Temple of Apollon. The Divide And Conquer quest will take you here anyway, so if you miss it to begin with, don't worry.

Once inside the temple, travel past the market stalls at the entrance and up the stairs one flight, before taking a left and talking to Pigres who is stood in front of a statue. He will call Syneros 'man-crusher' and accuse him of cheating his grandfather out of a wrestling trophy at an older Olympic game. Syneros will admit to the act, and talk a little about his time as a wrestler, but Pigres will demand revenge. 

You can end the quest here by telling him you don't have time for it, or suggest that Syneros should fight his grandfather once more. Pigres accepts the challenge in his grandfathers name, and Bestia will take the place of Syneros, causing both characters to begin a pankration fight. Bestia eventually bests Pigres by breaking his collarbone, and he forfeits, letting you go on your way. However, the quest log will still be active and say "something tells you this isn't over." 

Expeditions Rome Olympian Quest: Continuing The Quest

Expeditions Rome Olympian Quest continued
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Once you have completed the above section and dealt with Pigres initially, you can go about your business playing, but once you return to your legion outpost, the next section of the Expeditions: Rome Olympian quest will begin. As you enter the camp, Diodoros (Pigres' grandfather) will appear in front of the gate, and talk to you once you walk close enough.

Syneros will join the conversation, and both will agree that the matter needs to be solved once and for all, prompting him to suggest a battle of riddles between the old men. You can permit this or end the quest her, but letting them continue is the only way to complete the quest. How you do get past the game of riddles though?

Expeditions Rome Olympian Quest: Answering The Riddles

Expeditions Rome Olympian Quest riddles
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The riddle section of the Olympian quest does have an element of randomisation, and there is a pool of seven riddles which Diodoros can ask you, with the final one staying the same each time. You have to choose from three options, selecting the answer you don't think it is, which means you have 2/3 chance of getting it right. Additionally, you can solve the first two riddles with the Logos rhetorical style, and the final one with Pathos.

Here's all the riddle questions and the correct dialogue options below.

Potential Riddle 1

Question: "A man went out of his. He came back home and all of his clothes were wet Yet not a single hair on his head was wet. How could this be?"

Answer: The man is bald (select option 3 or 4).

Potential Riddle 2

Question: "Consider two fathers and two sons. They go fishing one day. They need to eat one fish each. How many do they need to catch?"

Answer: Three (select option 3 or 4)

Potential Riddle 3

Question: "Consider this thing which is all about, but can never be seen. It can be captured yet cannot be held. It has no throat, but you can hear it."

Answer: The wind (select option 3 or 4)

Potential Riddle 4

Question: "Consider this thing: The more you have of it, the less you see."

Answer: Darkness (select option 2 or 3)

Potential Riddle 5

Question: "Consider a beast which devours all other beats. It gnaws on iron and grinds stones to dust. It slays kings and ruins town. It even beats mountains down."

Answer: Time (select option 2 or 4)

Potential Riddle 6

Question: Consider this thing: It cannot be seen and it weighs nothing. You can put it in a barrel. When you do, the barrel is lighter." 

Answer: A hole (select option 2 or 4)

Final Riddle 

Questions: "Consider Alexandros Megas. When he conquered Gordion, how did he unravel the knot?"

Answer: He cut it (select option 2 or 3)

After you have successfully solved three riddles, Diodoros will proclaim Syneros the winner, and after a small conversation, the Expeditions: Rome Olympian quest is complete. You will also gain an achievement, as this is Syneros' companion quest.

That's our guide to the Expeditions: Rome Olympian quest, and you should be able to outwit Diodoros and solve the riddles to help Syneros finish his old blood feud.

We also have a guide to the major choices in the next quest, in our Expeditions: Rome Divide and Conquer quest walkthrough.


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