Expeditions Rome Vineyard Quest: Cordius, Quintus, Or Vipsanius?

Expeditions Rome Vineyard Quest: Cordius, Quintus, Or Vipsanius?
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The Expeditions: Rome Vineyard quest can be undertaken once you find yourself back in the city of Rome at the end of the game's first act. It's an optional quest, but taking part in it gives you a chance to earn a nice bit of denarii before starting the second act of Expeditions: Rome, and even acquire a unique weapon. If you need a rundown of the Expeditions: Rome Vineyard quest, or just want to know which choice is the best, read on.

Expeditions Rome Vineyard Quest: How Does The Quest Begin?

Expeditions: Rome Vineyard Quest
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Once you have finally claimed back your family villa in Rome, you will take part in a conversation with your mother and Syneros. You can end the chapter by talking with your mother after the initial conversation, but to start the quest, talk to Syneros instead. 

He will inform you that your vineyard is doing very well, and has produced a particularly good wine, before suggesting you should visit some merchants in the market to sell it on. You're then given a chance to select the wine's name, which has no bearing on the quest, so choose whichever option stands out to you.

From there, it's time to head to the market and speak to a merchant named Quintus, who stands under a stall with red and blue stripes. Talk to him, and ask him if he is interested in buying your wine, which will prompt a meeting of the wine merchants, as they all have to be given a chance to taste it and present an offer. 

It's then up to you to pick which offer suits you best, but it's not so straightforward as who offers the most money.

Expeditions Rome Vineyard Quest: Cordius

Expeditions: Rome Vineyard Quest Cordius
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The first merchant to offer you a deal is called Cordius, who offers a five-year deal worth 1000 denarii a year, for a total of 5000 coin. Players taking part in the quest at this point won't know that a five-year time skip is about to occur, but it offers a hint to which merchant will give you the most. 

Accepting this deal will reward you with no denarii up front, but after the time skip occurs, you will be 5000 coin richer, making for the best value trade.

Expeditions Rome Vineyard Quest: Quintus

Expeditions: Rome Vineyard Quest Quintus
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Quintus offers you the next deal in the Expeditions: Rome Vineyard quest, and presents you 3400 denarii upfront due to the changing demand of wine. He also has history with your family, as your father and his father used to conduct business too, so there is an almost a moral or traditional aspect to this quest for role-players. 

Obviously, like he says, Quintus will give you all the money straight up. It's less risk as players don't know if Cordius will stick to his five-year deal, but offers less money overall.

Expeditions Rome Vineyard Quest: Vipsanius

Expeditions: Rome Vineyard Quest Vispanius
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The last merchant to give you a deal is the shady Vipsanius, who offers to buy all your stock outright, by paying half to you now and half upon delivery of the stock, for a total of 4000 denarii. This one will earn you a decent sum up front, but after the time skip, he doesn't follow through with the deal and stiffs you on the last 2000.

Expeditions Rome Vineyard Quest: Which Merchant Has The Best Deal?

Overall, Cordius' deal is the best due to how much money you can gain, which is a solid 1500 more than then next best offer. Quintus' offer is the second best, and getting the money outright is nice, though means little due to the time skip. Lastly, Vipsanius' deal is the worst by far as you earn the least and he scams you, and doesn't deliver the rest of the denarii.

There's our rundown of the Expeditions: Rome Vineyard quest, and you should be able to get the best deal on your new line of fine wine. 

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