Escape Academy Prologue Walkthrough

Escape Academy Prologue Walkthrough
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14th Jul 2022 11:40

You may need our Escape Academy Prologue walkthrough so you can solve the very first escape room and begin to uncover the mystery that will lead you to the academy itself. Escape Academy is a game about the art of escape that challenges you to solve increasingly difficult escape room puzzles solo or with a friend, so that you can rise to the top of the academy. The game's first room isn't too difficult, but if you find yourself scratching your head on what to do next, we've got you covered with our Escape Academy Prologue walkthrough. 

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Escape Academy Prologue Walkthrough: First Escape Room

Escape Academy Prologue Walkthrough: First Escape Room 1
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Once you are thrust into the Prologue escape room, your first task will be opening the chest directly in front of you. 

  • Make your way to the note on the podium, which is on the left side of the room, and read it. You will notice that some of the words are underlined and read "look at clock to open lock." 
  • Go to the clock on the right side of the chest and interact with the note. This tells you the clock is broken, but the time should be 12:30. You now know have the code for the chest. 

Escape Academy Prologue Walkthrough: First Escape Room 2
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  • Head to the chest and interact with it so you can alter the code on the padlock. Set it to '1-2-3-0' and the chest will open up. Inside you will find a piece of paper called Mysterious Clue and a Blue Goblet

With the chest now open, your task will be finding the rest of the Goblets and opening the safe in the corner of the room. 

Escape Academy Prologue Walkthrough: First Escape Room 3
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  • Turn around after opening the chest, facing the door, and you will see a cardboard box on a table on the left and a rubbish bin on the right. The Red Goblet and Yellow Goblet can be found inside of them, so go and pick them up.
  • Open your inventory and get up your Mysterious Clue. It will show a picture of a goblet and splotches of colour in the order of blue, yellow, red, and red. Each colour matches to the letter on the respective goblets. 
  • Interact with the keypad on the safe and enter the code 'F-R-E-E' to open it. Inside, you will find the Key of Truth, which will allow you to unlock the escape room door and enter the lobby. 


Escape Academy Prologue Walkthrough: The Lobby

Escape Academy Prologue Walkthrough: The Lobby 1
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The Lobby is where you should notice that this isn't your typical escape room, as the employee has seemingly left and there are a lot more puzzles to be solved.

  • The first thing you should notice as you are given control, are the shirts on the wall to your right, which contain five arrows pointing up, right, down, up, and right. 
  • Turn around from where you face the shirts, and on your left there will be a static television with a remote in front of it on a table. Interacting with the remote will reveal four arrow buttons you can press. Input the directions from the step above, and the TV will switch to a screen with three code words: WRO, NYVVR, and RRY. 

Escape Academy Prologue Walkthrough: The Lobby 2
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  • Now you need to find the bulletin board next to the vending machine and interact with it. On the board are five Biz Cards, which are advertising businesses ran by people named Allie, Quanty, Eel, Jeb, and Slip. Take all five of them.

Escape Academy Prologue Walkthrough: The Lobby 3
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  • On the right of the bulletin board, there is a door leading to a back room, where you can solve the puzzle relating to the code words on the TV by using the Biz Cards. Once inside, along the back wall are three scanners and a plaque with a fish on it. On the right wall there is a chart of letters which looks a little like an Ouija board. 
  • You will want to use the chart to decode the words on the TV screen, all of which correspond to one of the Biz Cards you have picked up. Each letter points to another letter, forming a word; WRO translates to JEB, NVYYR translates to ALLIE, and RRY translates to EEL
  • Go back to the scanners on the back wall, and interact with them to place the Biz Cards in the order that was translated above. This will raise the plaque above the scanners, revealing the Key of Lies for you to pick up.

Escape Academy Prologue Walkthrough: The Lobby 4
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  • Head back into the lobby and look for the toilet door near the building entrance. Use the key to open it, open the stall door inside labelled "out of order," and then follow the path down to complete the Prologue. 

That's all for our Escape Academy Prologue walkthrough, and now you have a breakdown of the steps you need to take to complete it and uncover the Escape Academy itself. 

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