Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough

Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough
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Our Escape Academy Lab Rat walkthrough will help you prove to the campus supercomputer that you aren't a cheater, ensuring you can stay at the academy and continue your escapist studies. During the second chapter of Escape Academy, you will need to tackle the hardest puzzles so far in a bid to earn a place in the Rival Room, and Lab Rat is one of the shorter ones along that route. So check out how to ace the Escape Academy Lab Rat level. 

Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough: Turn The Power On 

Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough: Turn The Power On 1
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As you start the Lab Rat level, you will be tasked with turning the power on so you attempt to hack QUANTY. 

  • As you start the level, right next to you will be a power box and a pipe with three gaps in it. Your first goal will be to find the three Power Tubes which you can place along the pipe. 

Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough: Turn The Power On 2
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  • The first Power Tube is on the left side of the room on a chair, and another can be found on a wall in the corner near the first. The last one is in the room down the stairs and to the left, found on the sofa. 
  • After you've picked all three up, go and place them all in their respective places along the pipe. 
  • Now you'll want to head back into the room down the stairs, and on the left you should notice a rat eating pizza. If you approach, it will run off, so you will need to find a way to bait it. Firstly, pick up the Spare Change from the table, and then head to the vending machine with the Donut, which says "Snack-Doku" above. This is a hint to how to solve it. 

Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough: Turn The Power On 3
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  • Head into the main room, and there will be a desk on the left side with a sudoku poster on the wall that explains the logic of how the game works. Simply put, each row, column, and square will need to have different letters and numbers. Each of the vending machine spots have different numbers and letters associated with them, so you need to use sudoku logic to figure out how to get the Donut out. 
  • Interact with the vending machine and place the Spare Coins inside, and once you have figured out the code, press C4 to get the Donut out. 

Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough: Turn The Power On 4
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  • With this Donut, head back to where the rat is, and there will be some plates on the floor that you can place the Donut on. After this, the rat will come out and eat the Donut so you can pick it up, earning you Turmeric the Rat
  • Go back into the main room and place Turmeric the Rat into the cage with the wheel, which will cause the power to turn on. 


Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough: Install A Virus

Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough: Install A Virus 1
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  • With the power now online, a series of lasers will block off the part of the room near QUANTY's large screen and terminal, so you will need to turn these off. 
  • Firstly, interact with the console next to the lasers and click "forgot password?" This will ask you for QUANTY's mother's name and dog's name. To figure this out, first head to the big desk with five computers. 

Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough: Install A Virus 2
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  • You should notice that the screen savers on the computers make different shapes, and interacting with any computer will ask for a password consisting of shapes. Step back to see all the computers, and you will see from left to right it goes square, circle, square, triangle, circle. Now click any computer and input this above password. 
  • With access to the computer, you can now click files and look at three different images, but only the first two are important. The first will bring up a picture of QUANTY's mother, called "Dell-Ilah." The second will bring up a picture of QUANTY's dog, called "Sprocket." You now have the answers.

Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough: Install A Virus 3
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  • Head back to the console and input the mother's name, and dog's name. This will reset the password to "SAFER" and you can input this to turn off the lasers. You can now look at the other console next to QUANTY, which shows their persona is #13
  • If you head back to the desk of computers, the other part you access is called virus, and will ask you for a four digit binary code. There is a machine on the table nearby where you can figure out binary works, and you will need to create 13 due to QUANTY's persona number. 

Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough: Install A Virus 4
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  • Once you figure it out, head to the computer's and input 1101. This will give you Virus #13, which is a floppy disk you can put into the console near QUANTY. After placing it, QUANTY will succumb to disco fever and you will need to follow a dance pattern to unlock the door to the server room. 

Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough: Install A Virus 5
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  • Watch the screen closely and get on the dance floor. You will notice the screen is made up of the same amount of TVs as the dance floor is squares. On the screens, you will be represented by a picture that says 'User,' and you will need to get to the part of the dancefloor that says 'step.exe' while not stepping on the 'avoid.exe' squares. Just move slowly and follow the screen, and you will be done with this part quickly. 

Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough: Manuel Overall Protocol

Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough: Manuel Overall Protocol
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  • After doing your dance successfully, the server room will open up for you to access. Follow the path inside, and you will now have to initiate the Manual Override Protocol to finish off Lab Rat. 
  • Interact with the computer at the end of the room and hack the quantum core. On each wall there will be four levels to pull, but they need to be done in the correct order. You can figure this out by looking at the screen that has lit up, showing various shapes of different colours and what value they all relate to. Each lever has three of these coloured shapes, and you need to figure out the total of each to pull the levers in ascending value order. The order should be E, B, D, H, F, G, C, A
  • Once you've pulled each one, the level will end, and you will have successfully hacked QUANTY. 

That's all for our Escape Academy Lab Rat walkthrough, and now you know how to complete this level and hack QUANTY. 

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