Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Boss Fight: How To Beat The Tree Sentinel

Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Boss Fight: How To Beat The Tree Sentinel
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3rd Mar 2022 11:45

When you leave the tutorial area of Elden Ring, and step out into Limgrave for the first time, you will likely spot the Tree Sentinel immediately. This is one of the roaming bosses of Elden Ring, who appear passively in the open world. They are not passive in any other way though, as the Tree Sentinel will attack on sight. Taking down this monster on horseback is not an easy job, but we have the tips you need. Here is our guide to the Elden Ring Tree Sentinel boss fight.

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Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Boss Fight: What You Need To Beat It

Elden Ring Tree Sentinel: what you need to beat it
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Being the first boss you see in Limgrave, the Tree Sentinel does serve as somewhat of a tutorial. This boss exists to teach you a valuable lesson, horseback combat is a big part of this game and you will need your own mount to take this brute on.

You don’t start the game with access to Torrent, but play for a while and you will get your horse. It isn’t clear what exactly triggers it, but seemingly once you get as far as the Gatefront Ruins and sit at a site of grace, you will be visited by Melina. She will give you the ability to level up, and will give you access to Torrent, a magical horse you can summon at any time.

Tree Sentinel is no slouch, and it will take a beating, but Torrent is the number one thing you need to take him on. Think of Tree Sentinel as a measuring stick for mounted combat, once you can beat him you are ready for the rest of the game.


Elden Ring Tree Sentinel: How To Beat It

Elden Ring Tree Sentinel: how to beat it
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Now that you’re mounted up, you are ready for Tree Sentinel. He’s a tough customer, and mounted combat is an all-new mechanic, but there are a few things to remember to stay ahead. Firstly, Torrent is wicked fast. You can out-pace Tree Sentinel all day, so when things get hairy just run for the hills. You can put plenty of distance between you and the boss, and even if you leave the fight his health will not come back. Torrent is just fast, but agile. Use Circle/B to dodge just like you would on foot. Now, Torrent doesn’t turn quite as quickly while running, but you can use your double jump to make sharp changes in direction.

Tree Sentinel hits like a truck, so movement is key. You need to avoid his attacks, there is no blocking or tanking. Also, getting hit enough can stagger Torrent and send you to the ground, when that happens it can easily be game over.

Avoiding Tree Sentinel won’t beat him, though, so you will have to take opportunities to attack. His attacks are mostly big animations, so watch for them and strike just after he does. Also key to remember, his weapon is on his right side. Try to aim for his left side where he is less able to counter you.

Elden Ring Tree Sentinel: tree sentinel defeated
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When you get in close, be wary if Tree Sentinel’s horse rears up. This is the wind up for a big area of effect attack and is often his counter for when you get too close. If this happens while you’re attacking, sprint out of their as quick as you can. Keep up the hit and run attacks, get in, get a few hits, and get far away quickly. Keep this up and Tree Sentinel won’t stand a chance.

That is everything you need to know to take on the Tree Sentinel and win. After this, you’re well on your way to conquering all that Limgrave has to offer. The ultimate challenge here is Godrick, and for some tips on how to beat him, check out Elden Ring Godrick Boss Fight: How To Beat Godrick The Grafted.


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