Elden Ring Margit Boss Fight: How To Beat Margit, The Fell Omen

Elden Ring Margit Boss Fight: How To Beat Margit, The Fell Omen
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24th Feb 2022 18:48

The Elden Ring Margit boss fight is the first major enemy in the game and as you'd expect,  it's quite difficult. He has incredibly wide sweeping moves as well as quick ones which up until this point in Elden Ring, you won't have fought a foe comparable. Many players will hit a wall here, so don’t feel discouraged to explore the surrounding area and get stronger before taking him on. With the right strategy, you can win the fight though, and we've got the details you need to know with this guide to the Elden Ring Margit boss fight.

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Elden Ring Margit Boss Fight: First Phase

ELden Ring Margit boss fight: Sorcerer Rogier
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The first thing you should absolutely do is take note of the summoning symbol right outside the door before facing Margit. This summons Sorcerer Rogier, who will fight alongside you against Margit. Rogier makes the battle much easier by being able to draw Margit’s attention away from you if you need to heal, or simply attack him from behind. Be aware that because Rogier is a magic user, his attacks will take longer to come out, and he can be a sitting duck sometimes.

Margit wields a large stick in his right hand and can do a variety of strong wind-up attacks or some quick swipes. His quick swipe hits upwards, so if you can react fast enough it can be parried. As for Margit’s strong wind-up attacks, dodge rolling continuously won’t do you much good here.

There’s a large delay between when he charges and when he strikes. During that time, he’ll track your positioning. So if you’re dodge rolling all over the place, chances are his attack will connect. The better option here is to count for 2 seconds from Margit’s wind-up and then dodge.

However, you’re not finished yet. Margit can also follow up on his big attacks and catch you off guard. Sometimes if you dodge his big hits, he’ll summon a glowing energy knife in his left hand to slash you with. Be aware of this and dodge roll out of the way if you see it.

How to beat Margit in Elden Ring
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But wait, there’s more! After this attack, sometimes Margit will jump back and then throw the knife at you. However, this one is easier to dodge since you can see it coming clearly. If you’re far away from him, sometimes he’ll summon the knife anyway and throw it.

If you’re striking Margit from behind, be aware that he’ll quickly turn around, striking you with his tail. So if you see him about to turn his back, dodge roll away. Margit will also sometimes jump in the air and come down striking his stick. The same strategy works here as well, count for 2 seconds, then dodge roll out of the way. He’ll do this attack from time to time, but he seems to do it the most right as the fight starts to close the gap between you and him.


Elden Ring Margit Boss Fight: Second Phase

Elden Ring Margit boss fight: Second phase
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Around 50% health, Margit will be able to summon a giant energy hammer to smack you with. This one is similar to his usual wind-up strong attacks. He’ll be tracking your movements before slamming it down, so time your dodge rolls correctly. Additionally, Margit will also now sometimes summon an energy sword, but this one doesn’t come out nearly as often. Speed-wise, the attack is in between his long, strong attacks and his weaker quick ones. This one isn’t all that special, so it’s not that hard to dodge.

Hopefully, Rogier is alive for the majority of the fight so that way if he dies, you’re able to finish Margit off on your own without much trouble. You can also summon allies of your own. The Lone Wolf Ashes will summon three ghost wolves to help you inflict damage onto Margit and draw his attention away from you.

After beating Margit the Fell Omen, a Site of Grace will spawn, allowing you to save your progress and use the Runes gained to level up! Going forward, you’ll gain access to Stormveil Castle.

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