How To Get 70K Runes In Elden Ring In Your First Hour

How To Get 70K Runes In Elden Ring In Your First Hour
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Dave McAdam


5th Jan 2023 15:48

Learning how to get 70K Runes in Elden Ring in your first hour will help you massively on the start of your journey into the Lands Between. Like most of FromSoftware’s games, Elden Ring has some exceptionally tough bosses. The game uses difficulty to steer you in a particular direction, but sometimes you can break out of those bounds into uncharted territory. So, take a look at our walkthrough of how to get 70K Runes in Elden Ring quickly. 

Getting 74K Runes In Elden Ring: Step One

Elden Ring 74k runes: Step one
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To make this trick work, you need to get yourself a weapon that can cause bleeding. For this, head to the Weeping Peninsula. After crossing the Bridge of Sacrifice, follow the road south and you will see a caravan on the left, like the one pictured above. Loot the chest on the front of the caravan and you will receive the Morningstar.

The Morningstar is a great weapon to start with and is ideal for our purposes. To use it, your character needs to have a strength of twelve and a dexterity level of eight. So long as you have that, you’re good. If not, it won't take long to farm up enough runes in this area to get there.

  • You'll likely need no help after levelling up thanks to these runes, but if you are struggling against the first major enemy, check out our Elden Ring Margit boss fight guide.

Getting 74K Runes In Elden Ring: Step Two

Elden Ring 74k runes: Step two
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Your next destination is the Third Church of Marika. It is in the east of Limgrave, if you follow the road east from the Gatefront Ruins, cross the bridge then follow the road north it will bring you right to this church. Definitely grab the Flask of Wondrous Physick while you’re there, but our real destination is just behind the church.

Elden Ring 74k runes: portal
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If you go northeast of the church, you should find a portal in the shallows of the lake among some trees. Activate this portal and it will bring you to Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow, just outside of the Bestial Sanctum. Hop on your magic horse and start riding south. Follow the road, and avoid everything as most enemies here will kill you almost instantly.

You will see a dragon on a bridge, cross the bridge quickly and the dragon won't have time to attack you. Continue straight ahead toward the Minor Erd Tree. Go around it to the right and use the Spirit Spring to leap up onto the cliff. Go straight ahead and you will find yourself behind a massive dragon. This is your target.

Getting 74K Runes In Elden Ring: Step Three

Elden Ring 74k runes: Step three
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Now, how to kill a massive dragon. If you approach the Elder Dragon from the front, several smaller but very deadly dragons attack you. However, if you attack from behind, they can’t touch you. Approach the dragon from the left, behind its wing. Get in close, and begin attacking with the Morningstar. 

Now, even at a reasonable level, you will be doing tiny amounts of damage here. That said, don’t be put off by the paltry damage numbers. We brought the Morningstar for a reason, and that reason is bleed damage. Continue hitting the Elder Dragon with the Morningstar and before long, you will see massive chunks of its health bar disappear.

Keep this up until the Elder Dragon dies. Thankfully, the other dragons nearby drop dead too. Once done, you will walk away with the rewards of killing the dragon, including a cool 74,000 Runes. Use those Runes to level yourself up and get a massive head start on Elden Ring.

That is everything you need to know to get 74 thousand Runes right off the bat. This works great for new players and anyone who has made even a good amount of progress into the game. 

We also cover how to get the Elden Ring Golden Scarab talisman, which will increase how many runes you get from killing enemies. 

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