Elden Ring Godrick Boss Fight: How To Beat Godrick The Grafted

Elden Ring Godrick Boss Fight: How To Beat Godrick The Grafted
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24th Feb 2022 19:02

The Elden Ring Godrick boss fight is the second major foe you'll fight. He makes Margit the Fell Omen look like a child in comparison. Godrick the Grafted has multiple arms along with an axe, giving him plenty of multi-hit attacks as well as heavy ones in this tough Elden Ring encounter. It’s best to take this fight slowly, as there are two phases and the second phase is much harder. Here's what you need to know to win the Elden Ring Godrick boss fight.

Elden Ring Godrick Boss Fight: First Phase

Elden Ring Godrick boss fight: Nepheli Loux
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Much like you were able to summon Sorcerer Rogier in the Elden Ring Margit boss fight, here you'll have the assistance of Nepheli Loux, Warrior, provided you've met her shortly before the fight. You can also use Ashes to summon companions, meaning there'll be a few of you fighting against the amalgamation that is Godrick.

He likes to start the fight by charging up to you and doing an upwards swipe. You can see it coming because he’ll drag his weapon along the ground, creating sparks. This one is relatively easy to dodge, as long as you time it correctly, which you should nail after a few attempts.

One attack to look out for is his ground pound, causing the earth on the ground to spike up. This hits in a circular area around him and is pretty far-reaching. It also hits twice. When you see him raising his axe with the blade facing downwards, count for three seconds, then dodge roll as he slams it down. You’ll avoid the rocks, but you’re not done yet. Godrick will do the same thing again. Following the first hit, count about 2 seconds and dodge roll again, avoiding the second hit. If you successfully dodge both, Godrick will be wide open for you to attack before he recovers.

Another attack to look out for is when he starts winding up, pulling back his arms like a baseball player. Here, Godrick will do a massive 5-hit attack spanning a wide area. It’s best to completely avoid this attack by running away as far as you can. It’s hard to dodge because if you get hit by one of the earlier swipes, then by the time you get back up, Godrick will manage to hit you again on the fourth or fifth hit.

Elden Ring Godrick boss fight: Whirlwind attack
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Also, watch out for Godrick’s wind-based attacks. He’ll whip up a whirlwind that comes out rather quickly. It’s hard to dodge but thankfully it doesn’t do that much damage compared to his other attacks. However, he’ll follow this up by rolling around like a dog and then doing one of two attacks:

If you’re close to him, he’ll jump high in the air and slam the axe down on you. This one is relatively easy to dodge as long as you dodge roll towards Godrick while he’s in the air so you end up behind him when he lands. The other attack involves him shooting two blasts of wind at you. They hone in on you like missiles if you dodge roll too early, but these blasts will always occur in the same order, from his right side to his left. So dodge roll in the opposite direction. First, dodge to your left, and then dodge to your right to avoid both.


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Elden Ring Godrick Boss Fight: Second Phase

Elden Ring Godrick boss fight: Second phase
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Once he hits 50% HP, a cutscene occurs and he’ll gain a dragon head arm that can breathe fire. How exciting. His attacks are relatively the same, except they hit harder and have more range. The whirlwind attack is now a fire tornado one! Additionally, his ground pound attack will hit 3 times instead of 2.

However, Godrick now has three new attacks that are very dangerous, but very slow-moving. One of them, his hand will breathe fire from right to left. This one is hard to dodge if you’re near him, but can be avoided by simply running away from him instead of trying to avoid the stream of fire by moving to your right. Or, you can try to dodge roll through the fire, but the timing can be tricky.

The other attack is where he’ll spit a constant stream of fire in front of him while walking forward, so running away from him isn’t an option. This one is very powerful and must be avoided at all costs. It also lasts for a very long time so if you get caught in it, you’ll probably get hit again when you get back up and most likely die as a result.

In order to dodge this, you must go behind him where the fire won’t hit you. Since this attack lasts for a very long time, if you manage to get behind him, he’s wide open to your attacks. This is the prime opportunity to inflict as much damage as you can.

There’s one more attack where he lifts his dragon arm up and spits out fire like a volcano, with fireballs raining down. Godrick doesn’t seem to use this one as much, but it can be avoided simply by not staying in one place, or constantly rolling.

After defeating Godrick, you’ll earn your first Great Rune, which is a piece of the Elden Ring! A Site of Grace will appear, letting you save your progress and use those Runes you earned to level up.

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