All Elden Ring Endings Explained

All Elden Ring Endings Explained
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4th Jan 2023 09:44

There are several Elden Ring endings which will completely alter the state of the Lands Between, giving you the potential to make the place better or even worse than it was when you started your journey. Like many of the previous soulslike games, you have the chance to make choices during your playthrough which affects what ending you'll receive. Some of them are straightforward and you'll get them naturally, while others a bit more hidden. So, take a look at our explanation for all six Elden Ring endings and understand what exactly happens in each one.  

Elden Ring Endings: Age Of Fracture

Elden Ring Endings age of fracture
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The default or standard ending of the game is called Age of Fracture and sees you mending the Elden Ring to become the Elden Lord, ushering in a new age under your rule. This is also the ending that your companion Melina was pushing you toward for the entire journey. Under this scenario, the Greater Will still exists in the Lands Between, meaning the Outer Gods will have a connection to the world and a way of getting involved in its affairs. This essentially means the status quo is mostly the same, and the Lands Between can fall victim to the same issues if the Elden Ring is shattered again. 

Elden Ring Endings: Age Of Duskborn

Elden Ring Endings age of duskborn
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The Age of Duskborn is the ending related to the Fia questline, and sees the properties of the Elden Ring changed to accommodate for the cycle of life and death, while the lands are shrouded in fog. This is because when the original Elden Ring was formed, it allowed for those who were touched by Grace to receive immortality, which is what led to the corruption of many of those in power. With that gone, all those in the Lands Between will have normal lifecycles again while you become Elden Lord. 

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Elden Ring Endings: Blessing Of Despair

Elden Ring Endings blessing of despair
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Another alternate ending is called Blessing of Despair, which is related to the character of Dung Eater. This ending also sees you become the Elden Lord and claim the throne, but the Lands Between and everyone in them will fall victim to a reviled curse. The curse turns everyone into Omens by absorbing their souls upon death, which in turn stops the Greater Will from absorbing them, cutting off the Outer Gods' influence. 

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Elden Ring Endings: Age Of Order

Elden Ring Endings age of order
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Age of Order is another ending that sees you claim the throne as Elden Lord, but instead of upholding the status quo, you'll create a new Golden Order that is designed to be perfect and prohibit the Outer Gods from having influence over the Lands Between. This is essentially the utopian ending that stops the corrupting force of ambition from affecting the inhabitants of the lands. 

Elden Ring Endings: Lord Of The Frenzied Flame

Elden Ring Endings lord of the frenzied flame
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The Lord of the Frenzied Flame is one of the endings that's considered bad, as you will be overtaken by an Outer God called the Frenzied Flame, letting them gain control. This causes the Erdtree to be destroyed, and the Outer Will's influence to be removed from the Lands Between. The flames cover the whole land, and Melina can even survive, promising to kill you for siding with the Frenzied Flame.

  • Complete the Elden Ring Ranni questline, and you'll be able to get the Age of Stars ending below. So, check out how to finish this long quest. 

Elden Ring Endings: Age Of Stars

Elden Ring Endings age of stars
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Lastly, there is the Age of Stars ending, which sees you summon Ranni at the very end. In this version, Ranni will end the Golden Order and replace the Erdtree with the Moon, causing the Guidance of the Stars to overtake the land, which brings everyone free will. She'll name you her consort, but you'll both leave the Lands Between, leaving it without a ruler for the first time. This also means there is a new Outer God with influence over the Lands Between.

Those are all the Elden Ring endings explained, and now you should have a better idea of what happens during the events of each ending.

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