Elden Ring Fia Quest: How To Finish Fia Questline For Alternate Ending

Elden Ring Fia Quest: How To Finish Fia Questline For Alternate Ending
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The Elden Ring Fia quest allows you to take part in an optional boss fight and gain an alternate ending. Many of the Elden Ring quests can be quite difficult to follow due to the cryptic objectives, but they are always worth it for the items. If you want to know all the steps to finishing the Elden Ring Fia quest, then we've got you covered. 

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Elden Ring Fia Quest: Starting The Quest

Elden Ring Fia Quest
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You won't be able to start this quest for quite a while, as it requires that you venture to the region called Altus Plateau. This means you have to collect them medallion to use the Grand Lift of Dectus, or defeat the incredibly difficult Magma Wyrm Makar in a nearby dungeon. Regardless of how when you get there, once you've rested at one of the sites of grace in the region, return to the Roundtable Hold, and go speak to Fia. When hugging her, you'll get a new line of dialogue, and she'll give you the Weathered Dagger, beginning the quest. 

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Elden Ring Fia Quest: Quest Walkthrough

Elden Ring Fia Quest walkthrough
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From here, you need to go speak to D, Hunter of the Dead - who is also in the Roundtable Hold - and hand him the dagger you've just been given. Upon doing this, reload the area by travelling away and coming back, and you can find that the door at the end of the hallway with the blacksmith has now been opened. Go inside to find Fia and the dead body of D, and talk to her until she disappears. 

From here, you'll need to find an item called the Cursemark of Death, located at the top of the Divine Tower next to the Carian Study Hall. To reach this area though, you'll first need to go through the Elden Ring Ranni quest until you receive the Carian Inverted Statue. Once you have this, go to the study hall and place the statue on the pedestal just through the main doors. The entire place will literally flip over, and you can get to the top of the tower to grab the Cursemark of Death.

After this, you'll need to venture into the Deeproot Depths, which is deep below the capital city of Leyndell. One of the best ways to get here is by entering Nokron through the large crater in Limgrave that should have formed from following Ranni's quest. Going through this area will lead you to a boss called the Valiant Gargoyle. Win the boss fight, and you will be able to enter a coffin in the nearby waterfall to be taken to the area. 


Once inside, make your way to the Deeproot Depths site of grace, located near a bunch of branches. Use these to climb up as far as possible, and you'll come to an arena where you can face Fia's Champions. Defeating them all will cause Fia to appear at the edge of the arena. 

Go talk to her and let her hold you, before giving her the Cursemark of Death. You'll then have to fast travel away and come back when she is asleep. Interact with her body and you'll be taken into the Deathbed Dream to fight the boss called Lichdragon Fortissax. Once he's been defeated, you'll be transported back to reality, and you'll have the option to loot Fia for the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince. This item is key to getting the alternate ending as you'll need to use it after defeating the final boss. 

To summarise the steps in this quest, do the following:

  1. Travel to a site of grace in Altus Plateau and then speak to Fia at the Roundtable Hold.
  2. Receive the Weathered Dagger and give it to D, Hunter of the Dead.
  3. Reload the area, and find Fia in the newly opened door.
  4. Get the Cursemark of Death from the top of the divine tower in the Carian Study Hall.
  5. Head to the Deeproot Depths and climb the branches to the arena.
  6. Fight Fia's Champions and then talk to her at the edge of the arena.
  7. Reload the area and interact with her body to fight Lichdragon Fortissax.
  8. You'll be transported back, and can now grab the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince.

Elden Ring Fia Quest: Rewards

Elden Ring Fia Quest rewards
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We have to rewind slightly so you can get the rewards for this quest. Make sure you looted the body of D, Hunter of the Dead back in the Roundtable Hold first. Once you defeat the Valiant Gargoyle to get to the Deeproot Depths, there should be someone nearby at the site of grace. This is D's brother, and you can give him the Twinned Armour set that you looted, which will trigger him to go and kill Fia later on. 

Once you've gained the rune from Fia, reload the area and come back, where you will find D's brother stood over her body. You can loot Fia's set from her body, and reloading the area one more time will cause D's brother to leave, so you can grab the Twinned Armour set again, and a weapon called the Inseparable Sword.  

That's our walkthrough of the Elden Ring Fia quest, and now you know how to begin and finish the quest, while also obtaining all the loot along the way.

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