Elden Ring Age Of Absolute: What Is The Secret Seventh Ending?

Elden Ring Age Of Absolute: What Is The Secret Seventh Ending?
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1st Apr 2022 13:54

The Elden Ring Age of Absolute is an unused ending that seems to have just been discovered by a dataminer, and is made up of a cut questline. Elden Ring has six known endings, and accessing them depends on the completion of different quests and making certain choices in the endgame. If you want to know everything about the Elden Ring Age of Absolute ending, and how it was discovered, we've got you covered. 

Elden Ring Age Of Absolute: What Is The Ending?

Elden Ring Age of Absolute seems to be a newly discovered ending that was ultimately scrapped during development, but YouTuber Garden of Eyes has managed to capture it. The Elden Ring Age of Absolute ending works similar to the other endings in the final area of the game, with you getting the option to select which one you want to happen, which is in this case "usher the Age of Absolute." Afterwards, the Tarnished will pick up the head of Marika and put it on her body, before kneeling in front of her. While this happens, Five Fingers appears in the place of the Elden throne and the Tarnished begins to pray. A voice-over then occurs like in other endings, but with different dialogue, while various scenes are shown, such as the burning of the Erdtree. 

Elden Ring Age Of Absolute: How Was The Ending Achieved?


Elden Ring Age Of Absolute
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It seems that the ending is a combination of a real concept that was abandoned during development, and a bit of keen work and modding on behalf of Garden of Eyes. The voice-over seems to be legit which is one of the main things giving credence to this once being a real ending. However, the rest of the ending seems to be fake.

Firstly, the Five Fingers model is a stitch job of the Two Fingers and Three Fingers models, while the animation of the praying Tarnished is just the Rapture gesture. Considering the video was also put out on April Fool's Day, it seems like more evidence for it being faked. The voice-over is still somewhat puzzling though, so we think it's fair to say that some elements are real and that Garden of Eyes has tried their best to recreate what the ending was supposed to be.


That's our explainer of the Elden Ring Age of Absolute ending, and now you know all the information about how it may have been faked. 

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