Elden Ring Corhyn Quest: How To Finish The Corhyn Quest For An Alternate Ending

Elden Ring Corhyn Quest: How To Finish The Corhyn Quest For An Alternate Ending
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The Elden Ring Corhyn quest is a late-game questline that allows you to earn an alternate ending, along with some outfits that are useful for Faith-based characters. Elden Ring has many optional quests which are difficult to follow due to the cryptic nature of the game's dialogue and objectives, but they are typically worth it for the rewards. If you want to follow the Elden Ring Corhyn quest to its end, we've got you covered. 

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Elden Ring Corhyn Quest: Starting The Quest

Elden Ring Corhyn Quest start
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You will actually meet the character of Corhyn fairly early into the game, as he can be found inside the Roundtable Hold selling Faith incantations. He will remain here for a while, as you can't begin his questline until you’ve reached the region of Altus Plateau, but after activating a Lost Grace there, return to the Roundtable Hold. Corhyn will inform you that he intends to set out and find a character called Goldmask, causing him to leave and go to the Altus Plateau. He can then be found north of the Altus Highway Junction just before the map stele that reveals the plateau, and speaking to him will allow you to start the questline. 

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Elden Ring Corhyn Quest: Quest Walkthrough

Elden Ring Corhyn Quest riddle
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For the first part of the quest you will need to find Goldmask for Corhyn, who can be found in the north of the Altus Plateau. If you keep following the road from where you came across Corhyn, you'll come to a broken bridge leading across a valley. Goldmask can be found on the other side of this bridge, and the easiest way to get there is to travel to the north of the valley and use a Spirit Spring to jump up to him. If you speak to Goldmask, you'll be able to tell Corhyn of his location, and upon a reset, he will move to him. 


For the next part of the quest, you will need to have acquired two Great Runes so you can gain access to the capital city of Leyndell. Once you arrive in the city, both Corhyn and Goldmask will change position again, moving to the cliff near the colosseum, which is in the south of the city. You can gain access to the path toward this area by climbing up the giant stone dragon and jumping into a crumbling part of the wall. From here just follow the path up to the cliff, and you'll find them on the left. 

Speak to Corhyn to exhaust his dialogue, and you'll be tasked with solving a riddle regarding the statue of Radagon. For this, you will need to venture up the tree branches nearby so you can go toward the Erdtree Sanctuary and grab the Golden Order Principia prayerbook, which will give you the Elden Ring Law of Regression spell. This requires 37 Intelligence to use, so you may need to respec with Elden Ring Larval Tears, or use equipment that will increase the stat. 

Once you're able to use the spell, from the Erdtree Sanctuary grace, head down the nearby lift to the west. At the bottom, carry on down the stairs and you will come to the statue of Radagon. There will be a message in front of it which reads "Regression", and you will need to stand on this and cast the spell. A new message will appear for you to read, and the riddle will be solved. Report back to Goldmask at the colosseum, and then exhaust both his and Corhyn's dialogue. 

After you reload the area, both characters will move to the Mountaintops of the Giants, where they can be found on a bridge south of the Stargazers' Ruins. You don't need to do anything else until you've completed the Crumbling Farum Azula legacy dungeon later on in the game. After this, you'll need to find Goldmask in Leyndell, Ashen Capital, where he is located at the foot of the colosseum cliffs. Speak to him and you will be able to grab the Mending Rune of Perfect Order, which will allow you to get the Golden Order ending. 

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Elden Ring Corhyn Quest: Rewards

Elden Ring Corhyn Quest rewards
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There are a few different rewards worth picking up in this quest, especially if you are a Faith-based character. Firstly, reloading the area where you last find Goldmask will allow you to pick up his outfit set. You can also find Corhyn at the base of the giant spear in Leyndell, Ashen Capital, and if you exhaust his dialogue and reload the area, you can grab his robe and Corhyn's Bell Bearing, which lets you purchase his incantations from the Twin Maiden Husks. Sometimes he doesn't appear here and will be at a second location near the Stargazer Ruins. 

That's our walkthrough of how to finish the Elden Ring Corhyn quest, and now you know how to get the Mending Rune of Perfect Order so you can earn an alternative ending.

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