How to complete Every Rose Has Its Thorns in Dragon's Dogma 2

How to complete Every Rose Has Its Thorns in Dragon's Dogma 2
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While you may be on a quest to be crowned the Arisen, you can still get your hands dirty with some assassination work during the Every Rose Has Its Thorns quest in Dragon's Dogma 2.

It's one of the game's time sensitive quests, giving you three in-game days to find a bunch of evidence, or else you fail. Figuring out exactly what to do here isn't straightforward though, and you won't just be directed where to go either, forcing you to really consider your steps if you want to finish the quest. 

If you're still stunned on how to proceed, I've broken down all the steps I took to complete Every Rose Has Its Thorns.

Starting Every Rose Has Its Thorns

You can begin Every Rose Has Its Thorns shortly after you receive the Nation of the Lambent Flame quest. You'll pick up the latter after finishing a series of tasks for Captain Brant in Vernworth, meaning you'll need to follow the main story for several hours.

the Rose Chateau Bordelrie map location in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Once you've met this criteria, you need to head over to the Rose Chateau Bordelrie in the Noble Quarter of the city (marked above) to find Wilhelmina

If you go to the top floor of the establishment and walk to the double doors on the opposite side of the stairs, you should encounter a man named Rolf guarding a door and explaining that Wilhelmina is occupied. If he's not here, just sleep and try again the following day.

After Rolf finishes his dialogue, head through the double doors and turn to the left to find a portrait that can be interacted with, revealing a peephole. Watch the cutscene in here until Wilhelmina comes to speak to you, and then choose the option to "Offer your assistance" to pick up the quest.

Finding evidence

You now have three in-game days to find two pieces of evidence on Allard so Wilhelmina can assassinate him, but you won't be directed to go anywhere. 

What you need to do is speak to both Sven and Captain Brant to get information on where to get your evidence, so we'll take it one at a time. 

Evidence 1

Sven's map location in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Firstly, head up to Sven in the castle, where he can be found in his chambers (marked on the above). He'll inform you that can speak to a man named Patrick at his estate for more information at nighttime. 

Patrick can be found at his estate in the Noble Quarter and it'll be marked on the map for you anyway. Either wait until night or sleep in a bed and then go speak to him.

He'll reveal that Allard hides secrets behind his paintings, and will offer to summon him at once so you can sneak into the house and find the evidence. Choose "Agree" to get Allard to leave his estate. 

After this, head out of Patrick's estate, and take the stairs up to the right to get to Allard's estate. By the time you get here, he should also be leaving, so make your way into his house.

the Murder Report evidence in Every Rose Has Its Thorns in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Head up the stairs inside and go into the first door you see to find Allard's study. On the wall to the left, you can find a painting, and interacting with it will let you grab the Murder Report.

Evidence 2

For the second piece of evidence, you'll want to speak to Captain Brant inside of the Stardrop Inn at night. Select the dialogue, "Tell me of the Myrmecoleon" and he'll inform you of Allard's dealings with merchants, suggesting you search the Merchant Quarter for more evidence. 

Evidence location in Every Rose Has Its Thorns in Dragon's Dogma 2
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This will place a yellow zone on the map for you to explore, but just head into the building marked on the map above. Inside, you can find the Bribery Investigation Findings on a table.

Bribery Investigation Findings evidence in Every Rose Has Its Thorns in Dragon's Dogma 2
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You now have the two key pieces of evidence needed to progress the quest, but you can approach this next section a little differently.

Returning to Captain Brant (optional)

You can return to Captain Brant for additional help later on in the quest, though it's not necessary to finish it.

I chose not to do this, and it didn't make much of a difference in the end, but Brant will help you escape later during the assassination if you do this.

Returning to Wilhelmina

Regardless of if you visit Brant again, you'll need to come back to speak to Wilhelmina in the Bordelrie. Hand over both pieces of evidence, and you'll get the option to continue helping or leave the rest to her. 

Select "Continue offering your aid" to continue the quest and a quick cutscene will play where she's changed into a disguise. Speak to her, and she'll explain that Allard is in the room to your left, asking you to go in and help apprehend him.

Allard assassination in Every Rose Has Its Thorns in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Walk through and tackle him with the grab button to begin a cutscene where Wilhelmina stabs him to death. After this, some guards will investigate, forcing you to escape, so just head out the balcony and jump into the hay below for a nice Assassin's Creed reference

Wilhelmina will then suggest both disappear in different directions and ask that you visit her at the Bordelrie the following day. 

Now if you spoke to Captain Brant again, he will appear here to help you escape. If you don't, you'll need to escape the area and the nearby guards who will attack you on sight.

Because I didn't speak to Brant again, I just stuck to the city walls around the edge and stood behind a building until the combat music stopped. Once I emerged again, the guards were no longer aggroed towards me.

From here, you can either wait until the next day or sleep. Whatever your choice, return to Wilhelmina one more time to turn in the quest. You'll then unlock her as a romance option and gain 1200 XP, 8500 Gold, and the Ring of Benevolence.

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