Destiny 2 Trespasser | How To Get The Trespasser Sidearm

Destiny 2 Trespasser | How To Get The Trespasser Sidearm
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Dave McAdam


28th Apr 2022 10:52

The Destiny 2 Trespasser may be a thing soon, as it seems this exotic weapon from Destiny 1 could be making a return. Destiny 2 has brought back a lot of the weapons and armour from the previous game, something that has slowed down as many of the fan favourites have already been brought forward. Coming from an unusual source, it seems the next classic exotic to reappear might be the Trespasser sidearm. Here is what we know so far about the possibility of getting a Destiny 2 Trespasser in season 17.

  • Bungie really needs to plug some holes, because the Trespasser is not the only recently leaked weapon. To learn more about the upcoming Guardian Games reward, check out Destiny 2 The Title SMG.

Destiny 2 Trespasser: What Is It?

Destiny 2 Trespasser Leak: Weapon Stats
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The Trespasser is an exotic sidearm that was added to Destiny just before the Rise of Iron expansion which capped off that game. The weapon quickly became a favourite of any big Robocop fans in the community, as it took heavy inspiration from Officer Murphy’s iconic weapon. It was an Arc weapon that fired in quick, three-round bursts.

The special perk of Trespasser was Unrepentant, which stated that reloading the weapon after getting a kill would cause the next shot to be an extended burst that did much more damage. This weapon was great for clearing out groups of enemies, especially when you alternated between taking out smaller enemies and then hitting bigger targets with that extra powerful shot.


  • On the topic of iconic Destiny weapons coming back in Destiny 2, the Hawkmoon is in the game but the quest to get one is no longer available. To learn how to get one now, check out our Destiny 2 Hawkmoon guide.

Destiny 2 Trespasser Leak

Destiny 2 Trespasser Leak: The Redacted Weapon
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In the most reason edition of This Week at Bungie, there were a lot of upcoming changes laid out. Hidden among many of the innocuous and expected changes, there was a listing for a [REDACTED] weapon among their examples of Airborne Effectiveness stats. Now, it is not at all unusual for Bungie to include teases like this, but it seems that this time they let something slip without meaning to.

Fans noticed that in the Japanese version of This Week at Bungie, when they translated the word where [REDACTED] should be, it translated to Trespasser. This lines up pretty well considering whatever the weapon in that slot is, it is definitely a light and fast primary weapon. Now, the Japanese version of TWAB has been updated and Trespasser has been changed to [REDACTED], but hiding their tracks only further solidifies the belief that this leak is accurate.

That is everything we know about the potential of a Destiny 2 Trespasser in Season 17. For more Destiny 2 news, check out our Destiny 2 weekly reset guide.


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