How to get The Title SMG in Destiny 2

How to get The Title SMG in Destiny 2
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26th Apr 2022 13:08

Destiny 2 The Title is a new legendary weapon coming to the game soon, that has leaked early. Destiny 2 has a competition known as the Guardian Games, where Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks go head-to-head to determine which class is best. This competition is largely pointless, as it is a well-known fact that Hunters reign supreme, and absolutely no one would argue otherwise. The Title is an SMG that will be a reward in the upcoming Guardian Games, and all the details of it have been leaked so let’s take a look at the Destiny 2 The Title.

Destiny 2 The Title: How to get it

Destiny 2 The Title: How to get the weapon
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The Title will be available as a reward in the Guardian Games. The games begin on May 3 and end on the 24th. In order to get the weapon, you will need to redeem gold and platinum packages. It is unknown exactly how regularly the weapon will drop, but at least we know there is a definitive source.

Over the three weeks that Guardian Games is active, players can farm these packages in hope of getting a God roll of The Title. You will need to work fast, though, as once the event is over the weapon will likely be unavailable too. So, grab as many of those gold and platinum packages as you can.

Destiny 2 The Title: Stats and perks

Destiny 2 The Title: Perk Table
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All the details of The Title have been revealed, including the many perks it can come with. We know now it is a Void SMG, with an aggressive frame. It will fire 750 rounds per minute, not as quickly as the Funnelweb, but it has the impact to make up the difference.

The first two perk columns have the expected variety of barrels, rounds, and magazines. The third and fourth columns are where the fun begins, and The Title has plenty of options. For fighting the forces of Darkness, you have great perks like Surrounded, Swashbuckler, and One For All. It can be an excellent option for taking on waves and waves of enemies.

Depending on your perks, this weapon could be better suited to the Crucible. It can roll with Perpetual Motion and Moving Target, making it ideal for taking on other Guardians. This SMG is very adaptable and, depending on the perk roll, it can be suited to almost any situation.

That is everything there is to know about the Destiny 2 The Title SMG coming to the game during the Guardian Games event. For more on the game, such as how to get your hands on an exotic SMG, check out our Destiny 2 Osteo Striga guide.


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