Destiny 2 Season of the Wish seasonal artifact perks & mods

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish seasonal artifact perks & mods
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28th Nov 2023 14:21


A new season of Destiny 2 means that there is a new artifact full of perks for us to unlock, giving players new ways to approach the game during the latest content offering.

The seasonal artifact for Season of the Wish brings the expected anti-Champion perks, Origin Perk mods, and some new perks that help synergise our Solar, Strand, and Stasis builds - so here's a rundown of all you need to know about them. 

All Season of the Witch artifact perks

Tier One
Anti-Barrier Sidearm Unstoppable Hand Cannon Unstoppable Bow Overload Auto Rifle Overload Pulse Rifles
Tier Two
Flame, Fibre, and Freeze: Combines Solar/Strand and Solar/Stasis Siphon mods into one Kindling Trigger: Radiant causes Solar weapons to apply Scorch to unscorched combatants Blast Radius: Rapid final blows with Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers grant Armour Charge Origin Perk Specialization I: Improves the benefits provided by the Sundering, Nano-Munitions, and Nanotech Tracer Rocket Origin Traits. Additionally, weapons with these traits are always overcharged From Whence You Came: Increases ability damage to Taken and Scorn combatants
Tier Three
Flint Striker: Rapid Solar weapons precision hits and rapid Solar weapon final blows grant Radiant Torch: While Radiant, deal increased weapon damage to combatants affected by Strand and Stasis debuffs Heart of the Flame: Casting your Solar Super grants nearby allies Radiant and increases the damage of your Super for each nearby ally Origin Perk Specialization II: Improves the benefits provided by the Noble Deeds, Unsated Hunger, Head Rush, and Dragon’s Vengeance Origin Traits. Additionally, weapons with these traits are always overcharged Wished Into Being: While your Super is nearly fully charged, ability final blows spawn Orbs of Power. Wearing Season of the Wish armour decreases Super amount threshold
Tier Four
Unravelling Orbs: Picking up an Orb of Power grants Strand weapons Unraveling Rounds Pillar of Ice: Killing an encased combatant spawns Stasis crystals Revitalizing Blast: Causing damage with a Solar ability weakens Champions and bosses for a short duration  Overload Rocket Launchers Dragon's Bite: Breaking a combatant’s shield with a Strand or Stasis weapon has a chance to suspend or freeze that combatant. Wearing Season of the Wish armour increases this chance
Tier Five
Horde Shuttle: Damaging unravelled targets with a weapon occasionally spawns a Threadling Hail the Storm: Shattering encased targets and Stasis crystals deal increased damage. Shattering a Stasis crystal releases shards of ice that damage and slow targets Rays of Precision: While radiant, Solar precision final blows cause combatants to ignite Solo Operative: While you are the only member of your fireteam, you deal increased damage to all combatants  Argent Ordinance: Firing a Rocket Launcher consumes one stack of Armour Charge, granting increased damage and reload speed until you reload or stow your Rocket Launcher. 

How to unlock artifact perks in Destiny 2

The long and short answer to unlocking artifact perks is that you just need to play the game. We know that bit seems a little bit simplistic, but it's true - complete seasonal activities and ritual activities, play alone or hop on with your friends in The Crucible or in raids.

To boost your progress, be sure to pick up bounties as you go and complete them for bundles of experience.

A Warlock at the start of the Crota's End raid in Destiny 2
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Each perk costs one point, and you will need to purchase a certain amount of perks to unlock each tier, going from left to right.

Thankfully, with recent changes, you no longer need to reset your entire artifact if you want to make those changes, as you can now refund any perk on the artifact for free and spend that point elsewhere.

Which perks should you unlock first?

As you are limited by the perk tiers, it goes without saying that you must unlock perks from tier one first. This is probably the most important tier, however, as this is where the majority of the anti-Champion mods are. Each season, which weapons are effective against Champions changes, so your first order of business should be making sure you can stun each type of Champion.

Make sure you pick up at least one anti-barrier, overload, and unstoppable mod. The choices will largely be decided by which weapons you like to use, but we would recommend going with Anti-Barrier Sidearm, Unstoppable Hand Cannon, and Overload Auto Rifle.

In tier two, pick up Flame, Fibre, and Freeze as these three subclasses seem to be the focus of the season. In tier three, Flint Striker is amazing for Solar builds, and could pair really well with Torch in a fireteam with Strand/Stasis users.

The perks in tier four are quite situational, but the one that stands out is Dragon's Bite. It can activate Strand and Stasis debuffs by breaking enemy shields, meaning you could use these effects even while using other subclasses.

Your options in tier five are really down to how you want to play. If you are typically a solo player or plan on grinding out some Lost Sectors this season, Solo Operative is an all-around excellent perk that just straight-up makes you do more damage while playing alone. Argent Ordinance is also amazing, granting increased damage and reload speed to rocket launchers for the cost of a stack of armour charge.

That will do it for our Season of the Wish seasonal artifact guide for Destiny 2. For more, head to our Destiny homepage where you can learn more about the weekly reset, Season of the Wish, or the upcoming Final Shape, one of the game's expansions.

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