Destiny 2 Season of the Wish content, story, Witcher collab & more

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish content, story, Witcher collab & more
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Season of the Wish has arrived, taking Destiny 2 into its relatively uncertain future. As Destiny 2 wraps up Season of the Witch, we enter the final season before the Final Shape.

Season of the Wish brings a new story, new things to do, and plenty of updates to the game. Here's everything you need to know about the new season.

SPOILER WARNING: This guide contains story spoilers for the events leading up to Season of the Wish, so be sure to proceed at your own risk.

Destiny 2 Season 23 release date

Season of the Wish kicked off on November 28, 2023, so you can experience everything it has to offer right now.

After this year's Festival of the Lost wrapped up, the final puzzle in the Imbaru Engine was revealed. With it, the secrets of Savathun's Spire have been laid bare.

We'll go into more detail below, but suffice it to say that the completion of this puzzle and the contents of the spire have laid the path to the next season.

What do we know about Season 23's content?

Finding an Ahamkara egg in Savathun's Spire
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While precise details about what we can expect in Season of the Wish are yet to be revealed, we can infer some things based on what has come before, what has happened recently, and what we know is coming in the near future.

First of all, the name of the season and the revelations in the Imbaru Engine have quite clearly set up what is coming. Season of the Wish will focus on the Ahamkara, an ancient race of dragons with the power to grant wishes. The supposed last of their kind, Riven, was the final boss of the Last Wish raid in the Forsaken expansion.

However, an Ahamkara egg has been found within Savathun's Spire, specifically one of Riven's brood. Furthermore, a cutscene after completing the Imbaru Engine shows our Guardian studying a pattern found on Savathun's wing, a pattern which closely resembles the wish wall in the Last Wish raid.

It would seem that the elusive 15th wish is finally within our grasp, but what exactly it is remains unknown. All we do know is that these efforts are all in service of entering the portal into the Traveller, so it would seem that wish magic may be the way forward.

The Guardian showing Eris Morn the pattern in Savathun's wings
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Season 23 Gameplay Updates

With regards to gameplay in Season of the Wish, we know the Season will follow the traditional seasonal structure, meaning we'll get new seasonal activities, new seasonal gear, and a seasonal story that will develop week to week.

We also know there will be a new dungeon added to the game during this season. Little more about this dungeon has been unveiled, and considering that the details of raids and dungeons are often left ambiguous right up until launch, it's unlikely that we will know much about this dungeon until the days or weeks before it launches.

Additionally, changes are coming to Crucible in Season 23. These changes have not been fully revealed, but we do know the following thanks to a recent TWAB: The playlists will be reorganised a bit, and a 3v3 rotator node will be added. The new Checkmate modifier will also be applied to more modes, such as Dominion and 3v3 Clash.

Rewards will be added for Trials of Osiris for players who get win streaks but do not make it all the way to the flawless 7 wins. Furthermore, changes are coming to Competitive in the form of weapon balancing and rank adjustments.

A TWAB from November 22 revealed the new Artifact for the season. It focuses on three elements: Solar, Strand, and Stasis. There's also a focus on Rocket Launchers, ignitions, and shatter.

Many abilities are being changed, including Well of Radiance and Ward of Dawn supers. The team is aiming to ensure that abilities meet a "cost-to-output ratio", as well as reducing player survivability. There's a whole lot more in the TWAB if you want to find out more about the specific changes including buffs and nerfs, but we'll have more details when the season launches.

Are there any story details for Destiny 2 Season 23?

Again, we're too far out to say anything for sure, but we can determine some details by looking at the overall context. At the time of writing, the story of Season of the Witch has recently wrapped up.

SPOILER WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for those of you who are not up to date with the ongoing Destiny 2 story, so proceed with your own caution.

From a recent interview, we know that the Destiny 2 narrative team are intentionally weighing these seasons between Lightfall and The Final Shape towards the main story, rather than branching off. In other words, Season 23 is going to directly tie into The Final Shape's narrative and lead us into this final expansion.

Thanks to the reveal, we know that The Final Shape will involve our Guardians travelling through the mysterious portal into the Heart of the Traveller to finally confront the Witness. In Season of the Deep, we learned from Ahsa that the only one who knows how to enter the portal is Savathun.

As such, the story of Season of the Witch involved the Guardians dealing with the prospect of resurrecting Savathun. As she has a Ghost called Immaru, he can easily revive her. However, in true Savathun fashion, it turns out she had prepared for this eventuality and left instructions for us to follow.

Before she would return, Savathun needed her sister Xivu Arath, the Hive God of War, to be dealt with first. To that end, Eris Morn took on a Hive form and became their new God of Vengeance. Through this power, she was able to banish Xivu Arath from her own throne world, making her mortal and forcing her to retreat.

Savathun was resurrected but she fled soon after. However, she left her Ghost with Eris Morn as a sign that she could work with us to enter the Traveller and destroy the Witness. After solving the puzzles of the Imbaru Engine, the Guardians found an Ahamkara egg in Savathun's Spire, and clues for the elusive Last Wish.

This takes us up to right before Season of the Wish, where the plot will seemingly involve the Ahamkara, the egg, and the Last Wish.

Destiny 2 x The Witcher collab

The Witcher armour in Destiny 2.
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We also know that this season will feature a collaboration between Destiny 2 and The Witcher games. Players will be able to purchase armour based on The Witcher, namely Geralt of Rivia.

The team promises to share more information and a trailer for this new collab soon. For now, take a look at the art above to see what the armour sets will look like.

This isn't the first collab Destiny has done - we also had Assassin's Creed armour sets, as well as armour and weapons inspired by Halo for Bungie's 30th anniversary.

That's everything we currently know about Destiny 2 Season 23. For more, check out our Destiny homepage for guides like the best PvE weapons or all new exotic armour added in Season of the Witch.

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