Where To Find The Destiny 2 Royal Pools Location

Where To Find The Destiny 2 Royal Pools Location
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Jacob Woodward


26th May 2022 09:24

Destiny 2 Royal Pools is an important location in the Leviathan, making its much-anticipated return in Season of the Haunted. If you haven't experienced it already, Destiny 2's Derelict Leviathan is a bit of a maze with twists and turns throughout, making it pretty difficult to navigate. On top of this, there are no locations, similar to Royal Pools, stated on the Leviathan's map and therefore, unless you are running around aimlessly, they are hard to locate.

Below, we'll detail where to find Royal Pools in Destiny 2 so that you can not only advance any quest progression, but also get familiar with the Leviathan's layout so you can quickly get around and not waste preciously looting time.

Destiny 2 Royal Pools Location

destiny 2 royal pools where to find
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If you want to get to Royal Pools in Destiny 2, as stated earlier, unless you stumble upon it, it's somewhat hard to locate.


First, if you want to get to Royal Pools, knowing the Destiny 2 Pleasure Gardens location is vital. This is because the Royal Pools entry is possible via entering and subsequently following a path out of Pleasure Gardens.

destiny 2 royal pools location
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So, in short, upon spawning in at the usual landing zone, head to the Castellum and then to Pleasure Gardens. Once in Pleasure Gardens, take an immediate left turn and progress forward. Do so until your reach an open door. Upon reaching the open door, go through it and follow it until it becomes an open area. You will now have reached the Royal Pools.

Royal Pools is a vital location for not only in relation to Opulent Keys but also for completing the #1 Fan Triumph in which you are tasked with finding Calus Bobbleheads.


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